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(Transcript and visual captions below}

Santi and Theodore walked on unfamiliar streets. The night was clear and cold enough to preserve a smattering of crunchy snow.
Theodore looked at Santi expectantly.
      Santi said, "Is this a problem?"
      "Eh, well, the Circle likely has hounds about the city, sniffing for me. It is probably best to stay in hiding as much as possible -
until our time."
      Santi shook his head. "Don't care, don't worry about the vengeance of rabbits."
      "Heh heh, well. I'll consider myself properly chided."
      "Consider this." Santi let a little wind sweep him off his feet. He tumbled end over end in the air, levitating like a leaf in a storm, over the fence of an old church.
Theodore widened his eyes and looked around. No one to see. Why not? He smiled and let himself go.

In which the snake's name is Mr. Lengthy.

      "Madam! Put your seatbelt on!"
Lucricia was unmoved.
A surly gentleman dissuaded the flight attendant. "Leave her alone, the plane's almost there."
      "Hmph!" She abandoned the task, summoned from a voice down the aisle.
The man reached around the seat and touched Lucricia's arm.
      Damn, she's cold!
He gripped more forcefully, hoping to feel a pulse, feeling his body heat drain into her dead flesh like it was the vacuum of space.
She tipped the sunglasses down her nose, revealing daysick eyes to him, glaring at his tense hand.
      "Take it off or I'll bite it off."

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     January 6th, 2013
     By:  Christopher

2013! Another year of madness and pain ahead! A lot of people are saying, "Fuck a 2012, hope 2013 doesn't suck as bad!"
How was your 2012?

We've had some difficulties lately but aren't keen to get more specific in the explanation. Suffice it to say, yet another update was like pulling teeth backward through a knothole. But here it is! Chapter 9 is back in effect to the fullest extent!

            TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.


(Theodore and Santi are on the roof of an old church.)

THEODORE: Why a place like this, Santi?

SANTI: Someone must. All this art only for the pigeons... and us.


(The vampires settle down to talk.)

THEODORE: I can appreciate craftsmanship. But why do we meet today, old chum?

SANTI: What are we doing here?      What am I doing here?


THEODORE: Oh, well...

SANTI: I have some ideas...


(Back at The Stiletto House, Vitus bids the ghouls farewell, kissing Sanna's hand.)

SANNA: Hee hee!


(As Vitus leaves, Tabby holds up to exchange a few last words with him.)

VITUS: Thank you Tabby, sorry to pry.

TABBY: S’fine. Hey good luck findin’ that lil’ fella.

VITUS: Yeah...


(Outside The Stiletto House, Vitus looks at his cell phone.)

TXT MSG: DEMY: We need to talk. MBF bldg @ 2:15?

VITUS: Luck.


(Time passes in the city.)


(Vitus clutches his head in exasperation and rage. Demetri holds a cute little fox and seems depressed.)

DEMETRI: That’s it. We can only assume the worst.

VITUS: God damn it Demetri!


(Vitus looks very angry, and Demetri distracts himself by snuggling the fox.)

VITUS: That was the very least you could do, wasn’t it?
Tomasz keeping you too busy? Assuming you’ve seen him lately...

DEMETRI: Mad at me for doing a favor because it revealed a horrible truth?

VITUS: I’m just about finished. What do I owe you now?


(Close-up of cute little fox, yawning and stretching. Demetri and Vitus talk from off panel.)

DEMETRI: I expect nothing of anyone, Vitus. It’s the only way to appreciate people.
      --But I am up a few by now, it’s true.

VITUS: Just tell me what you want this time.


(Demetri looks at the little fox on his chair while other animals scurry about the place, and Vitus impatiently longs to leave.)

DEMETRI: This time it is more difficult than wearing a cute bartender’s outfit.
      In this battle against Theodore, stand with me until the end.


(Vitus is confused and grumpy, Demetri sly and depressed.)

VITUS: Why wouldn’t I?

DEMETRI: Just say you will.

VITUS: Of course. Yes, I will.


(An airplane descends over Harlan as day begins to creep in.)

ON-BOARD ANNOUNCEMENT: We are now arriving at Harlan International...


(Lucricia slouches in her seat, a leg up and her arms folded. She wears sunglasses and listens to music on her headphones.)

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