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Taking a taxi felt really adult, somehow. Not like it was much different from getting a ride with your parents, but it gave Allison a strange thrill. Even after all the hanging out with centuries old vampires and murder and getting murdered, she could wake up expecting to trudge off to Business Math. She watched the city lights streaking by. It'd be the second semester by now, school would be back in session. She got to miss pre-Godmas finals, at least that was nice.
      "You really think that Demetri guy is really gonna get Tristan out?"
Thierry was shocked out of a glazed-over stare. "I dunno, he's supposed to be some hot shot so you'd think he'd try to show off but...
I don't like relying on the Circle. They never get anything done with all their bureaucracy and bullshittery."
      Allison gave the human cabbie an appraising look. Humans could hang out around Thierry no big deal? She couldn't even make out the dude's face from behind the stream of body heat. "I thought that guy was a sheisty creeper, what do we do if he doesn't hold up his end of the bargain?"
      "Uh... make fun of him I guess."
      "You'll do that anyway."
      "Yeah. True."

In which Claude is a bad motor-scooter.

  The spirit world was full of ridiculous creatures, nothing like all the cool demons she'd seen before. Was Thierry just trying to impress her with the heavy metal-est ones, and the rest had strawberry heads? The air was scented like over-ripe fruit and a swarm of tiny crabs with human faces scuttled by. Claude floated lazily in his meditative state, and the warm, foggy air lulled Allison back towards her deathly slumber.
      "No!" Thierry shook her shoulder, "Don't sleep here! You'll get carted away by these freaks and who knows what they get up to when we're not around."
A suspicious jelly mold wearing a bustier scurried away at these words.
      "This sucks," Allison muttered, "this place is so weird it's like I'm already dreaming, and I didn't even get a proper dirt nap."
      "It was your idea. Believe me, I don't get up in the day for anything. I mean anything. Not even for girls. Uh. Well whatever, we're here."
     Claude bobbed in the colorful sky and a piece of cake with wings fluttered past.
"I don't even know what we're gonna do but I am ready to kill that clown's ass. And the rest of it too."
      Thierry jerked away to look at nothing, hands on his hips, "Yeah, great. Let's get going then... Claude?"

In which Claude is a bad motor-scooter.

      "That clown won't be expecting this shit, ah HAHAHA!"
      "Yeah, yeah I think this is... uh, fairly unusual."

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    January 22nd, 2015
     By:  Kelly

Hi guys, sorry I've been MIA lately but I think of you always. <333 I've been working on a secret project I'll announce soon. It won't be replacing the comic, so don't worry about that. Imma plug through this dang thing until the end, or die trying! (But yeah, hopefully the finishing before the dying.) >_>

BTW I was happy to release my inner Lisa Frank on this page. Just needs more rainbow penguins in space. There's always the next page...

ADDITION by Christopher: Hey, sorry I haven't done my promised late update bonus content consistently. Having some miscommunications in KFHQ. It's been cleared up. Also, is anyone dissatisfied with the gloss at the end of the Arsonella thing? Let me know & perhaps it will show up in bonus content another time...

       TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.


(Allison and Thierry get out of a taxi at night. Thierry is on the phone.)

THIERRY: Arsonella? Wow, that was fast. ‘Between worlds’? What does that mean?


(Allison grumps at him.)

ALLISON: Uh, like the spirit world or something? You didn’t look there?


(On the phone Thierry has an annoyed, dismissive air and Allison scowls.)

THIERRY: Oh, of course. I just thought that would be too.. eh simple! Even though it was so obvious... thanks I guess.


(At home, Allison and Thierry are in sleepy day clothes, Claude is on her lap snoozing while she pets him.)

ALLISON : So this little guy is gonna take us there?

THIERRY: Yeah. *sigh* But he needs a nap first... so do we.


(Glorious daytime in Harlan.)


(Inside, daysick vampires awaken to an alarm clock. Claude is still managing to snooze somehow.)

ALLISON: Jack you better appreciate this... You better appreciate it so hard.


    (Later, they've dressed lazily - Allison still in the inverted scepter shirt she slept in. Claude hovers above in a lotus
position, having just magicked them into a balmy tropical region of the spirit world. Everything is pastel wonder, shading
    toward purple and pink. Nearby lurk a skeleton with a strawberry for a head, and some kind of sparkly-eyed fairy.

ALLISON: Why don’t we go here more?

THIERRY: It’s a little... sparkly for my taste.



  (Still in the spirit world, Thierry has dropped a pair of sunglasses on his nose and wags a finger at Claude. Allison waits with arms
folded. The strawberry has moved along, and sparkle fairy has been joined by a red spirit with little horns, feather wings, and dollish
    proportions. In the far background, a sauropod dinosaur with mammal ears and a butterfly tongue attends some palm trees.

THIERRY: Now when you transform, make it cool. No crappy chariots, it’s embarrassing.


   (Claude has transformed into a giant motorcycle that leaves flaming tracks, his head is huge at the front, his furry back ready to
accommodate vampires. In the far background, the sauropod is now licking an eyeball-headed humanoid. Nearer, cartoonish monsters
  in maid and nurse costumes lurk in the bushes, a weird blue bird flies by, and more ambiguous things look on from the foreground.)

ALLISON: Wow. Um... creepy, but cool I guess.


(From a low angle we see them riding Claude, doing a flaming wheelie as palm trees slide by in the background. Allison's shades
    are on now, reflecting the scenery.
Allison uses Claude's horns to steer and the demon has a look of fierce determination.)



(The sky above is a blur of weirdness. Does a leering face loom there? Allison looks triumphant and Thierry smiles.)

ALLISON: OK I take it back, this is definitely cool.


(Allison has a moment of lucidity. Palm trees slide across her shades indifferently.)

ALLISON: This is what life was supposed to be.

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