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(Transcript and visual captions below}

   Jack could sense every movement in the mansion, two floors above people bustled about in heeled shoes. Three rooms away, someone wretched and gagged, as they rustled a plastic bag. He remembered, that was the room he had stayed the day in. He hoped the servants were well paid for their effort.

In which Vitus does a parlor trick actually in a parlor and everything.


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    ♪♫MUSIC: Nightshift♪♫
     February 06, 2011
     By:  Kelly

First, about the comic. This turned out a little overly fancy, heh heh. The last panel is based on a beautiful antique photograph I have, it is actually the correct era and everything! Now, about the new site... 
It took me and Christopher almost all weekend plus some, but I am happy to unveil the new site! The page will now update three times a week, because I am terribly impatient. As the announcement says on top, every page has been updated, including some new drawings in the extra section. One was an ink drawing I did in the style of one of my favorite artists, Harry Clarke. I drew it before I started the comic, so oh, seven months ago. It finally made sense to put up now that Vitus and Jack are on their way to being bff for reals. The other is an image I intended to be the first page of Chapter two, of Jack's transformation, but I needed to move on in the story desperately.

I hope the new site is easier to use, and more pleasant for my fantastic, exceedingly gorgeous readers! (Please tell me if there are any bugs.)

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.

VITUS: Sorry for the hand-me-downs.

JACK: I can see right now! Did you do discrete laser surgery?

VITUS: Sorry...

JACK: Demetri invites me to a party, now I've got 20/20 vision?

VITUS: Yeah. He's pretty pissed that he doesn't get you.

JACK: "Get me?!" What's that mean? Ughhh... I'm NOT dead...

VITUS: I know. It's hard to believe.

JACK: Yes! I don't! What's going on?

VITUS: Sighh. I'll show you a parlor trick.

VITUS: It doesn't come in handy much.

VITUS: See? Not useful in polite conversation.

JACK: What was that?

VITUS: Me as I was. As you were last night.

VITUS: Obviously, we're dead, yet we walk around without bits falling off.

JACK: How?!

VITUS: Nature's cruel joke. An unloving god. God is dead? Pick your philosophy.


VITUS: Did I mention "I'm sorry?" There's a lot to take in, and we've got a mission, so I'll tutor you later.

VITUS: Maybe a Grandpa style story will help?

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