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(Transcript and visual captions below}

   On one level, this was all pretty new for Vitus. He'd never done the cleanup for this specific kind of misdeed. He had cleaned up the Circle's dirty laundry in other ways, and so had enough experience to know haste was essential. Just get it done with.

   Now if he could just get the kid to stop asking all these questions...

In which Vitus recycles.

   Jack ambled over the crunching gravel as if his body was weightless, though a bit ungracefully as well. It felt like his body was strangely improved, but he had to learn to use it all over again. His senses in particular took in the details and denizens of the parking lot with alarming power. Most of the cars from before were gone, but he knew he wasn't alone. Were there always this many animals around?

   This Vitus character wasn't making it any less difficult. Jack knew he was being railroaded into a situation he wasn't going to like. His mutinous musings raised the question - Could vampires such as his captor read minds? Jack knew he couldn't read minds himself, but then he couldn't move about magically leaving plumes of dust in his wake either.

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    Oh no! He's Back!!!
     February 11, 2011
     By:  Christopher

     It is I, the villainous Christopher. Kelly let time get away and was up all night working on the comic again, feeling very sick and ill like Morrissey. I even had to write the above and below text today, so apologies if it's stiff or unsightly. For now, Kelly sleeps, but even unconscious is sorry to all of you readers that the comic did not get posted earlier in the day. Apologies unending!

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.

JACK: Kill me?!

VITUS: It's not as bad as you -- uh... I mean it this time.

VITUS: I'll explain later. Meet me outside at your car.

JACK: Blood? What is that?

VITUS: Ah you can smell it. Your senses will seem less disorienting-

JACK: What's in the bag Vitus?

VITUS: The last of your human body, you left it behind. Teeth, hair, extraneous organs tissue... Happy?

JACK: That was real?!

VITUS: Yes. Your keys?

JACK: ...Phone?

VITUS: Sorry.

VITUS: Follow me.

JACK: No phone. Of course. What would I even say? "Hey. I died, but I'm okay now?"

JACK: Is it even cold?

JACK: What would happen if I escaped? I'm a good driver. I could do it... What's stopping me?

VITUS: (disembodied voice) Pull over.

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