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   Helen showed Jack through the rather lame looking off-downtown pub and into a backroom that smelled strongly of vanilla and smoke. She quickly snatched up a glossy paperback book that rested on a velvet cushion.
"Emily Brass?" he asked, taking a seat.
"No! Of course not, why would you ever think that?" Helen threw the book deftly behind a sofa.
"Oh, too bad. Emily Brass is OK but I love Carol Ember's original Dark Web series more..."
Helen stared blankly a moment, before a slow smile crept across her face, and the two launched into a brief but pleasant conversation about terrible beloved authors.

In which a bitter task is accomplished.
   Jack couldn't follow Helen and Vitus' conversation, so he couldn't be bothered to worry about it. Or Mark, he had to assume that he was going to be fine, or he'd be driven mad. It was surprising the new way emotions came and went. Jack was able to categorize his worry, pain and trauma and set it aside. If there wasn't anything to be done, there wasn't anything to bother thinking about. That was true, but how often had he really followed that advice in the past? He hadn't been dead an entire day but it was beginning to feel so natural.
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    White Pearls, Black Promise
     February 27, 2011
     By:  Kelly

     I feel guilty because I didn't get more done on my little furlough. I did, however, read all of Flowers in the Attic by VC Andrews in one evening. Ahahaha... I love it, so campy! (A certain one of Jack and Helen's hobbies might also be mine, I can't say...) Where the worst villains are blonde, the gender roles rigid, the 14 year olds speak like 70 year old soap opera fans and every day is like Mommie Dearest meets Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? I love it!

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.

HELEN: Ellen's my sister, you met her right?

HELEN: Oh. Um, yeah. Nevermind.

JACK: Thank you for uh.. the help. ...Is he...?

HELEN: Good as new.

VITUS: Yeah, sorry man.

MARK: Huh? Oh...

VITUS: Good luck finding your friend, sure he's fine.

MARK: Oh! What's... what's--

MARK: ...Thanks. I'm-- I've got a really bad feeling.

HELEN: It's my turn tomorrow! I still haven't picked a candidate! What do I dooooo?

VITUS: I'm not the person to ask. I blew it off too, and ended up stuck with-- Uh bye Helen.

HELEN: Bye Cutiepies! I'll call you about that favor...

VITUS: (Great...) You are hungry still?


VITUS: Let's get this out of the way.

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