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(Transcript and visual captions below}

Vitus briefly considered the lecture he would give the misbehaving servant, after all that training and to just invite someone in without permission? He then remembered, how strong that supernatural compulsion was for humans to behave after years of hypnosis, and what sort of wizardry could break it down in a second. Would this monster come for him now? Could he escape? ...Escape? What sort of man was he...? Perhaps, just perhaps he could reason with the villain. He still clutched his book, wishing in some cowardly part of his brain that Angela would intervene. No. What use was he if she did? He had to face this terror alone.

In which walking on the floor is soooo done.

     Vitus stared in disbelief as the ceiling opened up and swallowed the willing Theodore, hurling bits of fluffy insulation and the powdery dust of decades of plaster. Rot spread down from the edges of the crown molding and seeped down to the floor, extending into the hall a few feet, curling the wallpaper into tatters like it was a century old. Old pipes leaked grainy fluid and the lights blackened with an electric snap. Soon the groaning of wooden beams calmed down and the room was left a dusty tomb, reeking of mildew and decayed plaster. Vitus gaped in disbelief, letting his eyes follow the cracks in the walls to the floor, and to his own feet. With a start he lifted his hands, expecting to see withered sticks instead of fingers. He alone was intact in this environment. He felt a sudden urge to go to bed early.

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     March 12th, 2012
     By:  Kelly

So like, I'm almost done with the comic many many hours ago, right? We got a new computer, and Photoshop is running OK and Christopher is behind me rubbing my shoulders and-- PROGRAM ERROR. All is destroy. O_____O That's a new one. I was glad Christopher was there to witness the disaster for posterity. Photoshop just said "Fuck y'all I'm done," and doesn't work any more. Luckily I had saved sort of recently. But... in order to recover the work I lost and finish the comic I have to move back to the old computer, which no longer has a desk. So while working on this comic I: 1.) Laid on my stomach on my bed, with the monitor on my nightstand 2.) Sat on the floor with the monitor on some books and finally where I currently am: 3.) the monitor on my bed, my keyboard/wacom etc on a cardboard box and me sitting on a giant red exercise ball thingie. Sigh. At least I'm getting killer abs or whatever benefit this ball is supposed to have besides being real bouncy. I'm hoping over spring break I can get caught up and stop being Mr. mega mc latey late lateowicz.

NEWAYZ-- I actually really like this page, I hope you try to turn your heads upside down as often as I did when I was making it. Luv u guys as ever. <3

PS BIG BIG BIG thank you to Sigmund for his wonderful comic that saved our collective bacons on Friday as we ran around trying to remember how to make computers go. He has spoiled me, now I'll expect only the best from you guys. No more LOLTheos and crudely drawn Darren Rage comics. Actually, I'm kidding. Those would rock my world. ;B

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.


(Vitus looking wary as he steps out of a room.)


(Vitus sees a strange figure, walking on the ceiling most absurdly.)



(Vitus approaches Theodore hesitantly.)

VITUS : ...

THEODORE : How embarrassing. I forgot Angela had another child. Thought I'd have a look about while I wait for her. Don't mind me.


(Vitus readies himself.)

VITUS : Oh Lord help me...


(Theodore looks amused as he stands on the ceiling.)

VITUS: You're Theodore? Wh-why are you doing this? Why this violence?


(Theodore smiles.)

THEODORE: Cruelty begets cruelty? Don't worry young one, I mean you no harm.


(They converse like two figures on a very strange playing card.)

THEODORE: You must be that friend of Jack's.

VITUS: Lord help him too...

THEODORE: He is my friend, you know.


(Vitus interrupts Theodore.)

THEODORE : Say... How would you like to become consid--

VITUS: I am no gentle naif like our Jack. You are mistaken if you think you can murder another, unimpeded.


(Theodore is unimpressed as Vitus turns into a partial monster with darker skin and feathered hair. )

THEODORE: You don't say.

VITUS: Just leave now! Stop this!

THEODORE: Oh yes, that is terribly frightening.


(A drip of blood falls from Theodore's eye. )

THEODORE: Look at me, you silly fussbudget.


(A close up of Theodore's eye as the blood drips.)

THEODORE: Where is Tomasz hiding?


(Vitus is surrounded by a puff of feathers as he returns to human form and looks transfixed.)

THEODORE: I... I... don't know, but Demetr--


(Theodore smiles as Vitus recoils from the mesmerism.)

VITUS: --Ahh! How are you doing that you monster?!


(Theodore looks put out.)

THEODORE: 'Monster?' ... I see. Another useless lamb at the Circle's blade.

VITUS: They'll kill you, you fool!

THEODORE: So dull.


(Close up of Theodore's feet as the ceiling begins to crack and groan, deep fissures spreading out from his feet. )

THEODORE: Well then, send Angela my regards.


(Theodore is pulled into a giant crack forming in the ceiling, as Vitus looks on in horror. The wallpaper curls and drips of rot spread down the walls of the estate.)

THEODORE: I'll come back later.


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