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CHAPTER 2, PAGE 17 - (Comic by Christopher and Kelly)
(Transcript and visual captions below}

      “Why were you so worried about what I'd do?” Jack asked after he had recovered a bit “Do I look like a hard case?”
      “No offense, but not at all. It was because Demetri chose you and... well, you know how he is.”
      “Umm? I don't understand.”
      “Oh. Maybe you don't know how he is. Makes sense. Nevermind.”

In which teen drinking is proven to shorten life expectancy.
    Demetri curled his lip as 'Jack' wandered off, keeping a close pace behind. He already had to brave these braying cattle in their hideous little celebration to find an adorable child like this, he wasn't going to lose him now. His patience was thin from hunger, but he was good at quashing base impulses.
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     March 13, 2011
     By:  Kelly

     Today's comic was created with great help by my wonderful partner, Christopher. I sketched everything, and he did finish drawing on all but the first two panels. (The flashback sequence.) I colored and did a bit of inking. Do you all want to dethrone me and all hail King Christopher yet? You will after the next thrilling page by him. People say we have very similar drawing styles but upon hearing this we instantly break out into apologetics and self deprecation. You can tell the difference because he still uses pens and pencils, the luddite.

     I tried out a slightly different shading technique on the flashback. You like? I am thinking about doing next chapter like this. Thank you Christopher, look it's not 1231209AM and I'm already done!

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.

JACK: That woman will be okay?

VITUS: Yes, she'll have a small cut, a bit of bruising.

JACK: Bruising...?

DEMETRI: 'Everyone invited.' What a convenience!

DEMETRI: It works!

DEMETRI: Aren't you too young to be so intoxicated?

YOUNG JACK : Who're you?

DEMETRI: Just a concerned citizen. You must watch for predators, a young one left so vulnerable... Shall we away?

YOUNG JACK : You gonna give me something better?

DEMETRI: Oh no no no. You've had enough. Let's go.

???: Hey Jack!

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