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(Transcript and visual captions below)

Thierry and Allison had ended up in an unfamiliar region of the spirit world. Claude could probably rocket them out of there, but Thierry had a measure of pride about it. He insisted they'd find their own way out. So they went from one corner of the neighborhood to another and back, looking for clues to that path.

The decoded runes from the broken plates in the porcelain shop pointed to the library at the intersection of Nathanielewski and Spot. In the library, they rearranged the yellowed and curled finger paintings in the children's section to the form of a giant face that told them a string of numbers in an old demon tongue. Allison worked out that it corresponded to book codes, and they found the tomes all sitting on a shelving cart near the Theology and Philosophy section.

     "The hell? They're all empty."

Thierry tapped his temple. "Mm... I think, I think they will reveal a sigil if we can put them into order."

     "And why do you think that?"

     "Eh... you just do these things. It's understood, you know?"

In which the puzzles are set to difficult and monsters to easy.

Claude's shoulders sank and he trudged away from the edge to do his transformation. He flexed his woolliness at scurrilous abominations, and they did a runner. Allison just stared off into the abyss.

     "So does anything happen when you gaze long into--"

     "No. Where do you get these questions?"

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    March 15th, 2015
     By:  Christopher

Sorry I didn't do a late comic bonus art on this deal. I got one about 78% of the way finished, but was so silly with my technique that the comic got finished before I did. :-P Well, next late update bonus you will behold the magnificence. Until then, Excelsior!

       TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.


(In a gloomy library of the spirit world, Thierry and Allison are sorting books for some reason. Claude's light
     is off, as a faint illumination of this world is sufficient to see by, and he is reading a paper thoughtfully.

THIERRY: It was Theodore... who woulda thought?

ALLISON: I woulda thought! That guy seems like a total creep! Now let’s find that damn demoniacal sigil already. Volume IX or X?


(At another stage in their weird odyssey, Allison has a gun now and is readied to blast on creepy monsters, though distracted by
conversation with Thierry. They are on a walkway of drippy grates over which abominations are suspended on metal frames.)

ALLISON: But what does he get out of hurting Jack?

THIERRY: Well, it scared him...

ALLISON: No shit?


 (In a curving hallway elsewhere, they continue to talk. Allison is back to using a pipe
for a weapon as an abomination with a vaguely crocodilian head crawls toward them.

THIERRY: Maybe it was to get him to play along with the scheme. Get Jack hurt and then help him so he looks like a nice guy.


  (Outside now, the world is made of various forms of sheet metal and chain link, the sky dark and
Thierry pays little attention as three abominations loom, and Allison waves a knife at them.)

ALLISON : But what scheme? What’s he even doing?

THIERRY: Jack was gone for a long time. He comes back and ‘beats’ Minchin. It has to be a trick.


(Indoors again, a tiled hall, Allison looks into a bottle with some kind of medical label on it. Another abomination crawls.)

ALLISON: Whoa, what’s in this stuff? So maybe he promised to give Jack cool powers,
       but it was fake? Minchin just pretended to get beat up? That’s some favor.

THIERRY: Yeah, I wouldn’t do it... They must have a pact so Theo doesn’t kill him.


(Back in the foggy outdoors, the world looking industrial and still peopled with random miserable creatures.)

THIERRY: Maybe Jack did get some kind of power.

ALLISON: You mean like, the spyware demon? That seems like a shit deal.


(Now they stroll down an empty, foggy street - Claude somehow keeping up despite short
    strides. They ignore the blood streaks on the asphalt and abominations behind them.

THIERRY: Could be whatever gave Theodore his freak powers. I don’t even
   know what that guy can do. There’s probably something Jack hasn’t told you.

ALLISON: Bizarre.


(The road terminates by crumbling into a giant foggy abyss. As Thierry and Allison discuss, Claude looks peeved.)

ALLISON: Wonder what we should do now?

THIERRY: It’s up to you to talk to him...

ALLISON: No, I mean this abyss.

THIERRY: Oh, guess we’ll have to jump it. Claude...?

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