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(Transcript and visual captions below}

       The wind picked up again throughout the downtown area, rattling street signs and sending debris twirling through the air. Angela was pinned to the ground by a silver blade. That rude dandy was sitting on her, prattling on about something but she couldn't make sense of it through the haze of discomfort. She had never been the most physical creature, preferring to live on the wind and enjoy the weightlessness of unlife. When it came to war, she had always relied on the help of others and quick escape. --But now, she was a useless corpse with no one to save her. Her powers stripped by this wicked cad and his cruel tricks. Was this it? She stared up at the cause of her downfall, a simple iron horseshoe dangling from the sword's grip.
       Betrayed, unloved, and taken down by a foolish trick-- how undignified.

In which the foyer isn't going to pack itself.

"--the help of the Circle", he was going to say, but he never got the chance.

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     March 26th, 2012
     By:  Kelly

This one goes out to all the hets out here... just kidding, you guys get enough stuff.
(No no, I do actually kid, I love my heterosexual peeps. :D)

This is a page I spent way too long fussing over and adding ten million sparkles into eyeballs and could have had it a few hours less hellishly late if I hadn't. Sigh. I think everything starts to look like it makes no sense when you're tired enough because nothing makes sense in the world. *sob* We're both sick over here at the Kingfisher residence, and I have a giant tattoo that has turned my upper arm into one giant green bruise of ouchiness. WHINE FOREVER EVERYONE!

Anyway, Christopher and I are working one something really cool whilst in our sick beds, for yous all! It's coming very soon, along with the crazy crazy last half of Chapter 7, which will build to-- oh I won't even hint at it just yet, but wigs may or may not be flipped upon seeing it. :) Did you Christopher's cool SEMI DIRTY fan art on Friday? It made my tattoo artist blush. :P

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.


(Theodore holds his sword with both hands, the horseshoe balanced in the grip. He looks back at Gaston-Louis who interrupts his train of thought.)

THEODORE : Not much without magic are you, witch? Now to just--

GASTON-LOUIS : What do I do now?


(Gaston-Louis is being a whiny brat.)

THEODORE : I am trying to concentrate...

GASTON-LOUIS : So how do I get the powers? Do you give eet to me now?


(Theodore sits on Angela's torso, pinning her to the ground with the sword, he looks back at Gaston-Louis, distracted.)

THEODORE : It’s not the--

GASTON-LOUIS : I don’t help you to get nothing!


THEODORE : I can hardly understand a word you’re saying, honestly.


(A metallic noise shocks Theodore back to the task at hand.)

THEODORE: Anyhow just let me do my--


(He pulls the sword free looking in shock that something is missing.)


(The horseshoe clanks to the ground, as a few errant lizards scurry off in the distance.)


(Gaston-Louis is impetuous.)

GASTON-LOUIS: Why do you let her get away? That is a bit stupeed, non?


(Theodore makes a scary face. )


(Vitus hauls a stack of boxes marked 'foyer' as the wind blows "Shhhhh" behind him, sending autumn leaves scattering through the sky. )


(A swift moving lizard like form approaches Vitus.)

VITUS: Mum? I’m sorry but I’m not done--


(Angela is in no state, her mascara is running and tears stream down her face. Vitus is baffled.)

ANGELA: Gaston-Louis has betrayed me!

VITUS : What?

ANGELA : I almost died! He wanted my heart like poor Inka!!


ANGELA: I am utterly alone! *sob* He’ll kill me! He will!

VITUS : You’re not alone, you’ve got--


(Angela puts a thumb on Vitus' lip to open his mouth, and moves to ram her ol' tongue down there in a frenchy tongue style mouth kiss, she grips on to his head violently and he is completely shocked senseless.)


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