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(Transcript and visual captions below}

Allison and Thierry waited on the freshly assembled couch as Jack unpacked the supplies.
        "Nice hairdo Terry," Darren flopped on a cushion, "Sooo, you guys are living together, huh?"
        "Well in a way," Allison said, "but we're not living together living together. Ugh. I have my own room, don't be a creeper."
Thierry leaned back and closed his eyes, "Indeed. Indeed she does. --Wait, what's that smell?"
He glowered as Jack took the candles from a paper bag. "Don't tell me you-- augh, they're scented?"
        "This is as close to black as I could get," Jack arranged them on the table, "That's the important part for the magic, isn't it? It's just licorice scent, sheesh. So sorry I couldn't find an occult supply shop open this late."
        "I could've given you a contact. *sigh* We'll just be communing with the spirits within a candy shop apparently."
        "Hey that doesn't seem so bad," Darren said, "Probably good for summoning clowns yeah? What? Don't look at me that way, I'm just sayin'. Clowns like candy, right? It's like... carnival shit or something. Come on. You know what I meant. Okay. Whatever. God."


In which Minchin is cute too, but in his own way.

"I didn't really expect that would work," Thierry said, "sometimes my own powers impress even myself. I mean, that's pretty cool huh."

"That's uh, that's not Minchin..."

"It's still impressive though, you've got to admit."

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     May 21st, 2014
     By:  Kelly

I'm really excited to be moving on to this part of the story, for the most part I've been drawing comics based on ideas we wrote almost 4 years ago, but we're treading into completely new territory at last! Even C doesn't know what I'm doing this chapter... >:D

Hey I had two ideas for discussion in the comments if you guys like:

1.) I've been slowly working on a new art tutorial. Do you have anything you'd particularly like me to cover?

2.) C & I started nerding out about D&D stuff, and were discussing the potential alignments of KF characters, because we're fudgin' nerds. Do any fellow RPG nerdz have opinions? I'd be curious if any of our ideas match up. Here's a good guide to alignments. In our version of things, Jack was the only Circle member with a certain alignment, and Thierry, Allison, Darren & Theodore shared the same one. (Which I think shows the fuzziness of the whole thing, but y'know, whateva.)

*Linda Richman Voice* Discuss!

            TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.


(In a candle-lined environment of Helen's design, she embraces sad Vitus friendfully.)

HELEN: Aww cheer up!


(The two sit barefoot on a heavily cushioned couch, wine glasses of red in hand.)

HELEN: So what’s on your mind champ?

VITUS: Lord, what isn’t?


(Close-up of Vitus bowing his head and closing his eyes in a self-pitying kind of face.)

VITUS: There’s nothing left, everyone’s betrayed me or is dead. Why now? Why me?


(Vitus is distracted as he tries to untangle his thoughts and Helen has a hand over her heart in a sympathetic gesture.)

VITUS: Demetri’s hiding something, Angela’s gone, I’m always ten steps behind and Jack--

HELEN: Aw! You’re worried about your son? This is a secret but...


(Vitus looks mildly curious and Helen has assumed the classic gossip
pose with one hand on a drink and the other gesturing conspiratorially.)

HELEN: That whole clown thing? They beat it! Darren told me.

VITUS: “Beat it?”


(Vitus looks surprised and Helen continues to explain.)

VITUS: ...It was real?

HELEN: Yeah they shot it up with guns, and Jack turned into cool lizards
      and slapped it until it ran away. I’m not sure on the order of that.

VITUS: Wait...


(Close-up of Vitus again, perhaps a little angry, wondering what this all means.)

VITUS: He turned into-- ...I can’t even do that.

HELEN: They’ve been training really hard! That’s what Darren said.

VITUS: ...I’m sure.


  (Apparently Jack's apartment has developed furnishings and he has developed enough trust to have invited a few more people.
There are candles on the table and Thierry leads Jack, Darren, and Allison in some kind of ritual. The youths are holding hands.

THIERRY: You don’t really have to hold hands. I just thought it would be amusing.


(Thierry speaks from off panel while Jack and Allison exchange slight but earnest smiles.)

THIERRY: Alright, everyone focus. Spirits, we call to you--
          Is there a spirit called “Minchin” here?


(Back to Thierry as he gesticulates and asserts his magicky Will.)

THIERRY: I command you, Leave Jack’s body now! Show yourself!


(Jack looks shocked as a ghostly flame leaps from his chest. He is wearing a black tank top with a pink-eyed white cat on it.)


(The youths are shocked and Darren pulling the funniest face, Thierry is looking wickedly confident, and he is manipulating
the flame. It is still anchored at Jack's chest, but snakes across the table and has something of a face now. There are holes in
the flame for eyes, pointed ears, cartoonish fangs, and a lolling tongue.

THIERRY: Ouais! Allez, bébé!


(Thierry holds the thing by its tongue. It looks miserable and he is angry and forceful.)

THIERRY: Now listen to me! Get over here and behave!


(The kids are shocked - again Darren with the silliest face - as the thing transforms into a tiny spirit seated in Thierry's palm. Thierry
  is happy. The little thing is light purple or pink with skinny legs in a suit and head in a top hat. It is not happy, but seems resigned.

ALLISON: Holeeee shit.

THIERRY: Is this your méchant-- eh, “Minchin?” Kinda cute.

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