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(Transcript and visual captions below}

   Ryder felt like he wanted to leave to avoid the akwardness, but figured it would be rude and difficult to get past the strange man, and where would he even go afterward? So he waited as the man smoked, alone except for an nearby sportscar blasting the same insipid club music.
The man had been staring off into the distance but suddenly turned, making eye contact with an intense expression.
   "Oh shit, was I staring...? Did he see?! "
Ryder began to panic, formulating an escape route.
   "Shiny cars..." the man said with the same intense look, "so cool."
   "Yeahhhhh... sure are. " Ryder felt a bead of sweat drip down his nose.

In which punctuation is not a vampire power.

     "Oh Jack... I'm sure you did fine. "
     "I can't even think straight!"
     "You smoked, I can tell.. did it work?" Vitus tried to give an encouraging look.
     "Yeah, but is that all it takes for them to think I breathe all the time? Plus, it's so gross if you're not getting anything out of it!"
     "You do get something out of it, it's very human-ish. Well anyway... it worked. Was he cute at least?"
     "If he wasn't, why would I-- oh..." Jack slowly smiled, "Aww... thanks for asking, that's sweet."
     " 'Cute'... is that what you fellows say? Right?"

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     May 29, 2011
     By:  Kelly

     Usually it takes about 8-10 hours for a page of the Kingfisher, at hour 12 of this one, I wondered why it was taking so long. Then I realized, it has 5 rows instead of the usual 4. ....Doh.

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.

JACK: Everyone here is old and desperate or young and pathetic, don’t you think?

RYDER:Heh! Yeah, it’s depressing.

JACK: So which am I?

RYDER: I.. I didn't mean...

JACK: ...I'm kidding.

JACK: You go to Rafflesia?

RYDER: No? What’s that?

JACK: Another, better nightclub. You’d look good there.

RYDER: Really?

JACK: Oh yeah. I could get you in...

JOSH: RYDER! Quit bothering this guy and go look for someone in your league!

RYDER: Oh fuck OFF Josh.

JACK: Actually, we were just about to leave. This place is for the tacky and lonely. You must love it.

JOSH: Uh! Whatever!

JACK: Rude gays are the worst.

RYDER: I uh yeah

RYDER: Omigod! Um...thanks!

JACK: I‘ve always wanted to do that, like in the movies. I do have to go...

RYDER: Oh... Yeah, me too.

JACK: Want a lift?

RYDER: You can drop me here, I’ll take the campus shuttle.

JACK: Before you go, two things.

JACK: I'm serious about Rafflesia

BUSINESS CARD : Jack Whitechapel - Event Promoter - 07700-900-316

JACK: And... You're really cute.


im @ campus
blvd ‘n 10th
so hungry.

VITUS: Is it getting easier?

JACK: No! I feel like a shark working in a bait shop!

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