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(Transcript and visual captions below}

      Darren had remembered the good times of hanging out with Heroin Harry, and figured maybe even without the drugs he could recapture those memories. It sure beat hanging around with Pissy Jack, Prissy Tristan and... whatever that Allison was. She was always giving him the stink-eye, like he was doing something wrong or about to molest her. It wasn't even like she was that cute, what an ego! Plus, she was way too young for him, she should know that. Unless she was into that or something... At any rate, Heroin Harry was in a semi-catatonic state after an extended bender. His electricity had been long shut off, so Darren couldn't even watch TV or charge his Gameo. Out of sheer desperation, he picked up an old guitar to fiddle with. It was trashed and mistreated, and it wasn't even plugged in (of course nothing to power it anyway,) so maybe that made it a little less threatening. It felt okay, to hold it. That was weird. How long had it been?

Meanwhile... Demetri had decided to move back into the old estate. He'd reached his Fran limit for the year, and missed his pets desperately. Florence was taking good care of them, he was sure. But how was she? That poor thing. Always alone now, without her mother. He hoped she was finding ways to keep herself occupied.

In which you don't want to know what fairy munchies are like.

       "There we are, I told Jack that you will be safe with me until the morrow."
       "Wait," Allison gave him a suspicious side-eye, "you said you're like some badass zillion year old vampire, but all you can do is make a teeny little fire?"
       "Well of course I can do more than that, but the rest is so much work and messy. Plus, that is not a vampire skill anyhow. I could do that in the day if I wanted, it is wizardry."
She didn't look impressed, "If you weren't a little kid do you think you would be cooler now?"
       "Pardon, but I am not a child. I doubt I am much 'younger' than you."
       "No way. I'm a sophomore. You look like a freshman, tops. A short freshman."
       "I have no idea what you are speaking about, but I won't bother being offended by it. We have a demon to summon!"
       "Can you get that guy in the poster?"
       "Ehhmm.. well, without a lot of preparation, it's actually a bit random."
       "Oh brother. So you're like a crappy spirit board. Awesome."
"You cut me to the quick, darling. You will see a demon tonight, no doubt." He set to work gathering his chalks and books, and muttered to himself, "Pleeeease be something cute that girls like. Or make us get naked. Or both...."

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     July 16th, 2012
     By:  Kelly

FIVE ROWS AUGHH! Well, it's done now, phew. There was a lot of checking in to do before some... THING happens. ;D Lots of cameos today, didn't think you'd see Heroin Harry again didja? The scene with Florence is my favorite, please imagine your favorite hot jam playing during it. I'm in a shoe club that's 99% women who love very tall shoes, so Florence there is a bit of an homage to them.

In other news, we had a lot of fun on Christopher's birthday eating tacos, getting too many comics and seeing cute lemurs at the zoo. We're also busily working on a very fun project we will share with you very soon. Love you guys as always. <3

PS Props to Mary for supplying me with the 'get naked' joke. :)

             TRANSCRIPT:  This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.


(Heroin Harry lurches into his living room with wild, pink eyes. Darren looks annoyed, sitting on his couch and fiddling with a guitar.)

HEROIN HARRY: What are you doing in here? WHO ARE YOU.

DARREN: Damn it Harry!!


(Heroin Harry readies his shades to shield his freaky cow eyeballs.)

DARREN: It’s Darren still, you whacked-out freak. You already let me in.


DARREN: You won’t remember in five minutes. Why do I bother?


HEROIN HARRY: Hey stranger, that tune makes me want to vomit less!


DARREN: Yeah... I’m pretty good.


(Demetri approaches the front steps of the estate with some luggage, music notes are coming out from inside.)


DEMETRI: Hip-hops music?


(Demetri is stunned to see his home flooded with bizarre fairies and creatures that are boogying to a hot hip-hop jam, and his pets are running free and wild.)

HOT JAM: Woo boys ‘n’ girls gotta party up! Party up! Party up!


(Demetri finds Florence boogying it up with a bunch of weird fairy people. She looks shocked.)

DEMETRI: Florence?! This is what you do when I’m gone?

HOT JAM: P-p-p-party!


(Florence looks embarrassed.)

ALLISON: I uh, didn’t expect you back so soon...!


(The creatures begin filing out and waving goodbye.)

DEMETRI: Honestly? A house party with fairy folk?!

FLORENCE: Sorry, I was going to clean up after.


DEMETRI: Why do you prefer these creatures to your own kind?

FLORENCE: They actually like me...


(Demetri puts his arm around Florence in a friendly manner.)

DEMETRI: Aw! You know that I like you. How about a less lively type of company?


(A small fairy with a red cap hammers on Florence's platforms while smoking a fat J.)

FLORENCE: Um...these shoes need to get done first...


(Allison and Thierry sit on a couch in Thierry's bedroom. There are teenage boy-esque posters all over the walls and some string lights behind them.)

THIERRY:Soo ma fille, would you like to see a demon?

ALLISON:Tell me that’s not a stupid euphemism.

THIERRY: I am nothing but righteous.


ALLISON: A real demon? You’re either a Goddite, an idiot, or both.

THIERRY: None of the above!


THIERRY: I will teach you of the world’s true nature if you stay the night.


(Allison pulls out a switchblade with a 'clk', she is obviously in no mood.)


(Thierry looks disappointed as Allison points the knife to his throat.)

THIERRY: Such hostility. Perhaps if I could prove to you that I am truly a wizard?


(Thierry manifests a flame into his hand, Allison is impressed.)

THIERRY:Hm this is about as simple as it gets.



(Thierry gestures to a poster of a demon on his wall.)

THIERRY:So how about something like that? --In the flesh?


(Allison points the knife at him again.)

ALLISON: ...OK, but I will cut you if I feel like I should.


(Meanwhile back on the dance floor, Jack's phone rings.)



THIERRY: You can go home, Allison will stay the night. She is all over me!

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