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(Transcript and visual captions below}

     Chris Beksinski was following around a ridiculously hot guy like an obsessive junior high kid. It was just for kicks, he was only killing time until his friends showed up. Figures that being on time was embarassingly unfashionable. This guy was some hyper perfect pixie waif, it was a fun game to try to spy on him at least. Seemed like he wasn't very interested in girls... Huh huh. He tried to psych himself up, he'd kick himself forever if he didn't at least try to say something.
I know... I'll just like... say hi. Then like, I'll have my book here so he'll know I'm intellectual, that's impressive, right?
...I think I need to get more drunk first.

In which Minchin was killing when killing wasn't cool.

       Jack figured he wasn't getting blood tonight without a whole lot of effort so he wasn't even going to bother, despite being pretty hungry. He'd just amuse himself with this funny weirdo until Tristan deigned to grace him with his presence. That was, unless the painfully awkward scene didn't drive him away screaming first.
      I don't get shy people, why don't they take it easy? I always just sat around at parties and people came up to talk to me without me even trying! Like right now, easy. Why doesn't everyone just do that?

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     August 21, 2011
     By:  Kelly

This Chris no relation to my Christopher of course. I hope those Minchin panels come out OK, I was experimental with them. :B If you can't read it there is the transcript below, heh.

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.

JACK : (text) hey tristan-- where’d you go --If you’re murdering someone I’m going to be disappointed in you.

TRISTAN: (text) sry! i just finish something k? i do thing by myself 4 a minute

JACK: (thinks) Guess no one wants to hang out with Jack. Is it time for my heterosexual game face? Ugh....


JACK: ...Hi.

CHRIS : Uh...

JACK: Yes..?

CHRIS: That’s all I planned.

JACK: So...what’s that book?

CHRIS: The Sexual Mutilators.

JACK: Uh. Wow.

CHRIS: N-non fiction. Serial killers.

JACK: OK that’s creepy but ...I’m bored. You LIKE serial killers?

CHRIS: I don't like them, they're just interesting. Uh, heh mind if I um, yeah I’ll just... sit.

JACK: So what's like, the coolest one?

CHRIS: Well we have a local one, he's popular.

CHRIS: Clyde Minchin. You probably see those “MINCHIN LIVES” shirts on horror fans, like with the clown face on them? No...? Anyway..

CHRIS: He was an organized crime guy 70 years ago, he got turned in to an asylum by his own criminal buddies, said he enjoyed killing too much. He was a model inmate at first..

One day he shows up to the shrink in this clown makeup like, where’d he even get it, right? Anyway, he asks ‘how many northerners does it take to screw in a light bulb?”

Old joke, right? So the shrink’s all “I don’t know,” ‘cause Minchin’s supposed to say the rest of the joke, but he goes from sounding all cheerful to deadly serious. --and they got on tape, you can get it online... --he says “wrong answer.” and then... well it was a lot of screaming after that part... Real gory I guess... he’s okay, not my favorite but-- yeah.

JACK: Wow. That was... uh. Disturbing.

CHRIS: Yeah. Soooo... um.

JACK: You sound like you might be kind of dangerous, should I be careful?

CHRIS: What? No! I’m... I’m just normal, ha! Yeah...

JACK: (thinks) ANOTHER fucking shy guy?! WHYYYY?

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