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(Transcript and visual captions below}

Several days passed, school days went by with nary a Jack in sight. Karl was fraught with tension, wondering about the mysterious guy that he had made out with. How much did he really know about Jack, aside from his status as a cool criminal? They had no classes in common, and only secondary and tertiary friends. Would he even see Jack again? He was a boy possessed...

Jack spent a few days in torpor. He'd completed a successful job, but it had taken a lot out of him and each morning the alarm was too much to bear. Everything felt like a dream, the weekend's events were still on his mind but the haze of lethargy and hallucinogens clouded his memories and reruns of cartoons were intensely appealing. After a while Curlyfry rousted him to attend at least a handful of classes before disappearing again.

In which Jack's jacket is a symbol of his individuality, and belief in personal freedom.



      "--And whence this cloak and dagger?" Curlyfry said as she twirled the doobie in her fingers.

      "Oh the 'secret?' Dah it's all on that black-haired lad, he's acting like it's the ancient times.
He threw me out of bed, literally! Isn't not wanting to throw someone out of bed the minimum standard these days?"

      "Perhaps he wished to preserve his virginity in the eyes of whosoever bore witness."

      "Haha, not like we were doing *that* yet. Anyway I don't know what I should do, he was pretty rude last I saw him and he was being a total whinger to his mom which was not very sexual y'know?"

      "Less sexy indeed. Are you sure you wish to favor this cringing cur with thy moist boy lips?"

      "Ewww not if you put it like that!"

She seemed to consider Karl's form from behind, shiny glasses glimmering, "A shame, such a beautiful moment but it has passed."

      "Well... it was pretty fun though, perhaps I can reform him?"

      "Oh? To what form must he be reconfigured to once again capture your ardor?"

      "Well not whinging like a baby would be a good start. A change of scenery?"

      "A romantic git-away to a museum of arts or gallery of monkey pelts, or whatever it is a high-class gintlemin does fancy."

      "Tch, yeah. I'd have to take him to WonderPalace with an infinite book of free-ride coupons to one-up his flippin' mansion. Would my house be too atrocious?"

      "Perhaps atrocity is what he requires. A bit of cultural tourism for the young Lord."

      "What should I say? We last left on a rather unpleasant note."

      "The ways of the nascent homosexual are foreign to me. Perhaps authority is required. Assert dominance. If you love something, set it free. If you just kinda made out and had a fight,
I dunno."

      "What do you do when you like a boy?"

      "I indicate my readiness to mate by arching my back invitingly."

      "I'll have to do some stretches first. So the straightforward approach?"

      "At least homosexualforward. Say it and be done."

      "I like it, not like he's gonna find much better huh?"

      "Yes, and in case things go south, brass knuckles in your right pocket."




In which Jack's jacket is a symbol of his individuality, and belief in personal freedom.

Most students had long gone home, just a few extracurricular types milling about and wasting time before their parents came to pick them up. Karl normally begged a ride off a teammate to avoid the crushing uncoolness of getting a ride from one's mum. Getting a ride from someone else's mum was far better.
      "...I just walk." Jack said after a visible flurry of Karl thoughts.
Karl put his hands in his pockets and stretched his back, looked Jack up and down.
      "Well let's get walking."

      So cool. Playin' it off like a badass. They walked together around the Science building toward the back parking lot. Some fieldball players stood around the roundabout waiting for their rides. Karl shrank in on himself but tried to play it cool, keep swaggering. He thought to himself, You're just strollin' with a homie. A sexy, sexy homie.

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     September 6th, 2013
     By:  Kelly

Today's comic was a fun collaboration with Christopher. The Curlyfry dialog was written long ago but still amuses me to no end. What's next for our intrepid young lads?

By the way, anyone who's curious about what's in store for the next official chapter, I've finally finished scripting it and it's got a lot of things I'm really excited for. (I generally script as I go along, based on a looser plot outline. Keeps things lively for me.) It'll be more catching up with Jack after his long silence, as well as checking in on some characters we haven't seen in a while. Alright!


TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.


(The outside of a high school. The gate reads: PARKVILLE SECONDARY )


(Athletes stand about a field, voices emanate from the bleachers.)

CURLYFRY: Blaze this wick old trick.

JACK:Yeh. Got a regular bonfire down here.


(Karl and Curlyfry lie on the grass beneath the bleachers illustrated in a colorful style as they smoke doobies.)

CURLYFRY: Oi Jick, wen yeh gont’e make an honest wolfman of me?

JACK:Feh Curlyfry, I dunte kno...


(The colors fade away to the typical style as they talk.)

CURLYFRY: Yer no use to me like this. What’s eating thee?

JACK: Eh I’ve get t’tell yeh summink-- *coff* Urgh, you bring out my low accent.

CURLYFRY:Proceed from your mouth with these revelations, you can elevate your elocution anon.


(Jack points out the faded hickeys on his neck.)

JACK: It’s supposed to be a secret I guess.

CURLYFRY: I might tell all the dustbunnies.

JACK:Weeell I got these marks here from makin’ out with a guy, Karl Random.So I'm gay.


(Curlyfry levitates her joint from her mouth.)


(Jack is enthusiastic.)

JACK:It was pretty hot.

CURLYFRY:I’ve never considered such as this, ‘tis hot indeed.


(Curlyfry poses faux-dramatically)

CURLYFRY: But what will the neighbors say?

JACK: You better not tell the neighbors! Wait, the dustbunnies?

CURLYFRY: Just the fieldball team


(Jack puts on his glasses and they peer between the bleacher's seats to see the field.)

JACK: Hey look, the man’s on the square.

CURLYFRY:Let us envision him nude, a statue in ivory.


(Jack and Curlyfry make lewd comments as Karl tries to not suck at fieldball.)

JACK: Huh huh.

CURLYFRY:Oh yes baby, heft that cudgel.

JACK:He can bludgeon me anytime!





(Jack stands in the foreground wearing a snakeskin jacket, Karl has his head down and is walking toward him.)


(Jack catches Karl's attention.)

JACK: Hey man.



(Karl whips his head around to make sure no one can hear them.)

JACK: Wanna come over to my house? I’ve got some blunts.


(Karl awkwardly makes a half-smile.)

KARL: Yeah dude, uh sure. We’ll smoke blunts, we will. Good times.

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