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      It was a strange and obvious choice. The home where Theodore lived, was murdered and reborn. It seemed like a place anyone looking for him would check, and they surely would. Theodore insisted he had a special trick though, a favor from a friend. Sure enough, from the moment they first arrived, they could tell there was something very strange about the derelict building, all the way out into the snowy gardens. Scent became muted, and their own became no stronger than the wet leaves and the smell of the cold winter air. Like day time, but without the pain. Or a bit like being a human? How strangely novel!

      Inside, they found the estate less than well-appointed. Theodore apologized, he had to run to meet a friend, and left them to dragging around furniture and kicking away piles of detritus from squatters. The furniture that was light enough to carry off had been mostly stolen, but the vampires with their sure feet could climb rotted stairwells with no trouble, and ransack the attics. They lit some candles and sat at a table with most of its chairs passably free of mold. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad old home, at least for now.

In which the parlor has half the rat shit, twice the fun!

MINNIE'S PICTR BLOG -- OMG NO WIFI HELP ME... I'll just type this into notepad, and the soon as I get signals I'll post this. I wish I had more followers right now, because CRAZY SHIT! So I posted about that weird little kid who hired me? I figure he's just some child actor or something, but turns out... VAMPIRES ARE REAL!

OK. No one's going to believe that. Ay. Well, there's a bunch of weird freaks and I've seen them do some... okay, when I think about it, I can't really prove it right now. Believe me, I will though. We're staying in this terrifying old moldy mansion, I'm probably going to die of rat-lung or something. OK, who are all these people-- Weird kid's friend, who is pretty tiny too but um, kinda hot. Pretty creepy though too, I keep feeling like he's gonna use me like a juice box. NOT in the sexy way. Is there a sexy way to do that?

OK, so then... buff, rude guy with moustache, creepy old lady.. She's pretty funny though, she found some old hat in the attic that literally had rats living it, and now she's wearing it for kicks without saying a word. That's funny. Anyway, finally this weird sporty chick from Antearctos who's all 'Gosh hyuk!' all the time. I thought that was just a stereotype, I didn't know they really talked like that there.

Oh! My weird boss is back and HOLY SHIT HE IS COVERED IN BLOOD OH GOD NO. I'll write more later I gotta go hide before it's my turn!!!

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     Septemper 20th, 2012
     By:  Kelly

At last, it begins again! I'm really excited for this chapter, there's a lot of freaky and crazy stuff, and it will spend some time with some characters we haven't seen a lot of. I'm trying a different slightly different art style which is actually easier, it'll be more apparent that it's different when we get outta the candlelight. I love this environment! I'm so excited to draw it more, I love ramshackle buildings.

Also, the survey finally closed! Thanks so much for everyone who voted, it was EXTREMELY CLOSE! The top stories were so close, that practically every time I looked it was either tied completely, or one story up by one point, and then the other one up by one point the next time. DRIVED ME BONKERS. Well, I'll announce the results on Friday and respond to some of your suggestions and questions. I'm so happy to get your wonderful compliments, I really appreciate it and love you all! <3

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.


(Exterior of the broken down and abandoned Kellgren estate.)



(Santi, and his three associates and Minnie sit in a dining room at a table. The environment is wrecked up quite a lot. Minnie tap tap taps on a laptop with a freaked out expression.)

WAVY HAIR WOMAN: Gosh where’s that Theo guy? I’m gettin’ bored a’waitin’!

MOUSTACHE MAN: It’s really safe here? No one will come looking?


(Santi dismisses their worries.)

SANTI: He's got a trick, I believe it. Relax. Trust in our host!


(Theodore walks in the room, soaked in blood with snow-wet hair.)

SANTI: Speak of the devil...


(Santi smiles at him.)

SANTI: The great Theodore. Looks like you've been having fun.


(Theodore has a melancholy expression.)

THEODORE: I apologize friends, I need to use this dining hall. If you wouldn't mind terribly, you can relax in the parlor.


(The three vampire associates leave, Santi turns to put an arm on Theodore's back with a concerned expression.)


(Theodore has an inscrutable expression.)

THEODORE: I'm having a friend over for dinner.


(Santi grins at him.)

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