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(Transcript and visual captions below}

     As they walked through the museum, Demetri began feeling out Jack's mood. After it seemed he became comfortable, he began chatting more and having some fun making commentary and jokes.
     Obviously his aesthetic would be different from mine, we have hundreds of years between us. Perhaps I have something I could learn from him.
  "Demetri, oh my god... This thing is amazing."
     "Oh, you're interested in native arts? Quite fascinating, I believe this was used for fertility rituals--"
     "How much does this thing cost anyway? Are you going to buy it? It would look too hilarious if you used it as a coffee table. "
     "This priceless artifact?"
     "Maybe you could repaint it, it's kind of like.. chipped up."
     "...So counter-cultural; I love it! Very post-connoisseur of you!"
     "Post what? Well, nevermind. It's too big to fit in your car anyway."

In which HAM does not believe in audience interaction.
     Demetri sometimes forgot about this penthouse, he generally only went there to hang a completed painting. With his hit to miss ratio, that was only about every five or six years these days. It ended up being perfect though, it happened to be in the neighborhood and was a natural continuation of the art museum trip.
     He wondered if he should plan that little surprise earlier than he'd originally intended. He'll love it. Why not tomorrow?
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     Septemper 25, 2011
     By:  Kelly

ARGHHH DOES THE MOVING EVER END?! Next update there will be something fun by Christopher, I look forward to it!

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.

DEMETRI : Yes, the new acquisitions are quite surprising.

JACK: <So many wieners...>

DEMETRI: <I know, did you see that beast with the surgical tubing?>

JACK: <Oh where?!>

JACK: I might pay attention to this if it was a movie.

DEMETRI: Maybe we should see a movie next time.

DEMETRI: The muse for a new era.

JACK : Hey, nice cans. Get it...?

DEMETRI: Jack, no!

JACK: What is that?

DEMETRI: It’s a neo-moderate piece, considered quite erotic--

JACK: Quick, take it!

DEMETRI: Jaunty!

JACK: Sorry if I embarrassed you! I’m not very cultured.

DEMETRI: No trouble. Soon they’ll let patrons ride exhibits for a coin, I’m sure.

JACK: I‘m surprised. I actually had fun!

DEMETRI: Why stop now?

DEMETRI: Would you like to see what I pass off as 'art?'

JACK: Does it involve the bodies of the innocent?

DEMETRI: No, the only thing it violates is good taste.

JACK: Well... okay.

DEMETRI: ...I’m so glad...

DEMETRI: --the inner thigh is the perfect place, no one notices a bruise there!

JACK: Oh...

DEMETRI: Anyway, I hate how you must-- well, prostitute yourself with that silly Vitus method.

DEMETRI: Those acts are better done with lovers, not victims.

DEMETRI: Here we are. Hello again, Andrej.

JACK: You painted all these?

DEMETRI: Over many, many years, yes.

JACK: Amazing...!

DEMETRI: Amazingly mediocre? They are nothing special for their times.

JACK: Is this the same guy?

DEMETRI: It is, from memory of course

JACK: Who is he?

DEMETRI: A long story, but I will try to keep it brief.

DEMETRI: Andrej... I don’t even know his last name...

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