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(It still has butts, but no sexy sex. If you can't handle butts... tough. ;)

       Demetri took Jack's hand and led him to the small bedroom. The penthouse's frequent cleanings and lack of occupants left it strangely crisp and smelling of soap, like a newly minted hotel room. Jack bobbled behind him loose limbed and with the face of a porcelain doll; eyes blinking and lidded. It felt like luring a little lamb from the flock.
       Oh don't be dramatic. Look at him. He's having fun.
It was so tempting to just go mad and enjoy himself in which ever way whimsy led him, but this too required strategy.
       No reason I can't have fun as well though.

In which mad mad lovers must pause and draw the line.
       'Nothing serious.' 'Nothing serious.' Ugh.
Demetri decided it was obviously not time for a goodnight kiss, and saw Jack on his way. A last little touch of that gentle white hand before it slipped behind the door.
       Take it easy, take it slow, a little foreplay is all...
He sat on the bed where they'd just been, Jack's scent dissipating into the night. These days this wasn't that significant. It didn't really mean anything. Yet, his heart still pained him.
       I am surely not a man of this present.
He consoled himself; there was more than a lifetime ahead of them. It wouldn't be that hard. Jack was just a boy, Demy had centuries to accrue charm. It was only a matter of time. An abrupt dark feeling passed over him with that phrase.
       Only a matter of time, as long as we have that time...
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     October 05, 2011
     By:  Kelly

Boy this page was hard, and we had to trek for internets to get it online... --but if you guyz like it, it's worth it to me. So the top two rows are on request by all you lovely people who demanded more sexy sex! Here's the cool compromise though: I was able to rearrange things and now we are still on track with the plot! As in nothing is delayed. I just cut a few minor things, and one scene with Darren. The gist: Darren is a bonehead who can't dress himself. There-- you haven't missed anything. :P

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.

DEMETRI: Young man, look at what you’ve gotten yourself into! What a state!

JACK: Myself?! I’m not the dirty old pervert!

DEMETRI: I waited until you were a man, did I not?

JACK: ‘Waited?’ That just means that you--


JACK: You’re terrible.

DEMETRI: Advise me on my technique then.

DEMETRI: Ohh is it really so bad? There, that’s better.

DEMETRI: Don’t say it
Don’t say it
Don’t say it...

DEMETRI: Wake up sweet one. While I’d love you to spend the day, your papa will worry.

JACK: Hmm? Oh... Vitus...

DEMETRI: How do you feel?

JACK: I, uh... Man...

DEMETRI:It’s just some fun. Don’t worry.

DEMETRI: Can you see me tomorrow night? Sarah is performing in concert.

JACK: Um, I don’t know...

DEMETRI: It’s nothing serious. Why not invite the other youths?

JACK: Tristan?

DEMETRI: Tristan’s already going. Oh and not that Nick character... he’s unsavory.

JACK: Soo.. Darren?

DEMETRI: Is that what it’s called? Sure.

DEMETRI: I‘ll have a surprise for you too.

JACK: OK, alright I guess.

DEMETRI: In light of events should I not..? No, I’m sure he’ll understand.

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