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      Jack stood around desperately calling for Vitus, while the boy and his helper bustled about the fun house. The human man lugged some ancient looking steamer trunks while the boy, still nude, unpacked some boxes of seemingly arbitrary detritus. A ukelele, some horseshoes, a variety of alarmingly high-powered weaponry... He unfolded a dirty lawn chair which seemed to be stolen from someone's deck, along with a few ratty potted plants that he arranged artfully around the colorful environment.
      "You'll forgive me for being a poor host," he said as he assembled an outfit from the trunk, "I'm afraid you've caught me in the middle of something. "

In which a surface-to-air missile shouldn't be THAT hard to assemble.
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     October 26, 2011
     By:  Kelly

   DUN DUN DUN! Wow, I can't believe I'm ending chapter five already. I think technically, this is the one year anniversary of the Kingfisher, but I don't count it as starting until Halloween. (Of course! ;) The Kingfisher is now on a different server: Dreamhost... I'm so excited! Hopefully no more 'sucky server' mirror links will be required. Finally, I wrote the following in the comments the other day but realized people would probably miss it...

"...I'm trying to think of anniversary goodies for you guys. Some ideas... a forum, (I don't know a good way to make one though. Thoughts?) one of those old-timey 'what character are youuuu?' quizzes that everyone can annoy their Facebook friends with, some sort of contest - maybe art or writing based or maybe just another poll because I'm nosey. ;D There is of course also a spooky Vitus related thing in the works for Halloween aka anniversary." Let me know what you think, and be sure to come back Sunday for a very special Halloween episode starring Vitus. :D <3

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.

THEODORE: Blockhead! Bring me the doohickey.

BLOCKHEAD: A fucking ‘doohickey..?’ Yeah, fine.

THEODORE: Let’s see... Put the what in the what?! GAH!

THEODORE: Damn it! Damn foreigners and their poor grasp of Glennish! I can’t figure this thing out.

THEODORE: I‘ll just have to leave it at home this time. I can handle this without silly contraptions.

THEODORE: Say there um...

JACK: Jack.

THEODORE: Jack, you are a new prisoner of the Circle, what do you think of them?

JACK: I-I don’t know...

THEODORE: Don’t be shy! You had a wild look in your eye just now.

THEODORE: Have they wronged you already?

JACK: I‘m... just mad at someone, it’s not a big deal.

THEODORE: It is a “big deal,” young one. Why should you have to suffer?

BLOCKHEAD: Imma have a sit down.

THEODORE: I know them. They’ve done something terrible. Or why stop at just one offense?

THEODORE: Those monsters think they can do whatever they want, unchecked. They get their pretty children and run rampant through Harlan.

THEODORE: They think they can murder, torture, rape... Whatever pleases them. They keep their dolls weaker than themselves, so they can do as they wish forever.

SOMBRETA: Mush! Mush!

THEODORE: I can abide it no longer, I have experienced their torture. No more. No more for you. No more for anyone.

THEODORE: Jack, join me tonight, help me stop these demons.

THEODORE: Tell me... how would you like to become considerably more powerful?

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