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(Transcript and visual captions below}

       Allison was the first to wake up, feeling pretty crappy. The room was dim, with only a vague yellow cast from the streetlight peeking from under the closed curtain. Ugh, what was she doing lying on a bed with no dirt? She glanced around-- three other vampires lay around on the furniture, sleeping in their clothing. Shit! What...? She remembered interrogating that weird kid about the serial killer until he was incoherent and then... Did they all really just fall asleep? She shook Tristan who was next to her on the bed, and he tried to roll over with her like she was an unruly pillow. She shrieked and he released her from the sleepy bear hug. Darren was flopped in a pile of dirty clothes, and Vitus still slumped in the chair that he'd crashed in nine hours before.
      "WAKE UP, YOU SLEEPY FUCKS!" Allison screamed, tossing a pillow at Vitus' face. "What about Jack?! What are we doing!?"
Maybe she was also a bit cranky with the poor rest.
      "Oh oh! Uh I call Demetri again...?" Tristan rolled around, rubbing his tired eyes like a baby.
      "Forget you guys, I'm calling Thierry!" Allison stormed out, and had to storm back in briefly to slip some shoes on.


      "Mm you know I would only do this for you bebe..."
The room was dark, and filled with glimmering candlelight. Candles covered nearly every surface and reflected off antique mirrors, casting strange shadows from bizarre tchotchkes and occult relics. The room smelled like hot beeswax and burning dust, and was sultry warm from the tiny fires. Thierry leaned forward on the cement floor drawing quick chalk lines like he was doing very easy math homework. Allison watched intently, feeling the press of time. She had to imagine the situation as urgent, because if it wasn't, it was already too late. Thierry plopped backward to sit.
      "Claude, come to me," he said sharply, like he was calling a dog. A small, fuzzy shape emerged from the center of the circle, and a tiny demon with a skull head unfolded himself, and stood.
      "Damn! It was that easy? No getting naked? No skull mask?" Allison asked, incredulous.
      "Hm, this is a secret. I need my mystique. Now Claude... I want you to find this man--"
Thierry handed his phone to the tiny demon, a photo of Jack on the screen. The demon seemed to scrutinize it. At least, his shiny eyeballs seemed to point themselves in its vicinity. The demon nodded and handed back the phone which was nearly as large as his entire torso. With a bound, he leaped through the air and disappeared around a corner, his claws tapping on the floor. A door opened and closed.
      Allison gaped after him, "That thing can open doors?!"
      "He can do anything. Now, we wait, but I tell you, he is fast as sh--"
The door opened again.


In which Claude just don't know.

      "What do you mean?" Thierry said in response to nothing that Allison could hear, "The spirit world?"
      "What? What does that mean?" Allison leaned forward.
The fuzzy demon sat on the floor with them, putting his skeletal chin on his clawed hands in contemplation.
      "I..." Thierry shook his head, looking between the demon and Allison. "I'm not sure, bebe... It doesn't sound good though. Claude cannot find him, because he is not in this plane of existence."
Allison stared blankly, her eyes growing wet, and she covered her mouth with her hand.

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     October 28th, 2012
     By:  Kelly

Poor Allison. But Claude!!! I tried to make him look extra fuzzy on this one. Don't worry, more Claude to come this chapter. Hey, it's almost Kingfishermas, I can't wait! Two years of Kingfisher, good gravy.

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