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(Transcript and visual captions below}

       Vitus used all the help he could, the kids knew all these modern social networking devices that he had hardly even considered the existence of. It had been a long time since he'd gathered a group of his own, he had always been content to just see who he saw, as he drifted through the ages. Other vampires were notoriously hard to track down, ignore them for a few years and they were on another continent. Even with the kids' help, the best he could muster were a few stalwart locals-- Gracie, Farley, and the ghouls.
       He waited on the top floor of the Marigold building, where he'd once received an "OPEN HOUSE" flyer that still seemed to be valid. Thanks to the sluggish economy, the office building was almost entirely empty. Vitus paced the floor of the empty office space, under buzzing fluorescent lights. Gracie and Farley came in through the window, but the poor ghouls, not having that particular kind of supernatural convenience, had to trudge up sixty flights of stairs. He felt a bit guilty as he watched them come in huffing and flushed. He couldn't even remember what it was like to feel exhausted.

In which the crowboys are summoned to the Elemental Plane of Fluorescence.

       "Uh.. Gracie? Farley? You have something to say?"
       "Eh... Nooo...." Gracie rolled her big eyes around and and laced her fingers coyly. "Nothin' to say."
Vitus looked sadly at the floor for a moment. "Please..."
       "Listen," Farley said matter-of-factly, "We got some things we can't say, but nothin's t'stop you from figuring something out on yer own. Say, if you were to find somethin' out, not because of us of course, well... what could we do? Nothin' stoppin' ya champ."
       "Deadly. Uh. You catch my drift."

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     November 7th, 2012
     By:  Kelly

Hey everyone, sorry for my silence lately, I have been having some bad health issues. I am trying to take good care of myself now though, and hope to return to normal comic-y goodness shortly. This is the last of the mini-comics before back to our usual ginormous ones, yay! As you may have guessed, the GHOULS of GHOUL HOUSE shall be featured more, very soon.

By the way, thanks so much to DJ, and Christopher, for all their fun and delightful contributions to the Kingfisher world! I owe them so much. <3 <3 <3

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.


(Vitus is in a completely undecorated, vacant office space.)

VITUS: Thank you all for joining me. As you heard, my - uh, child has gone missing.
    I hope you all can help me by telling me anything you might know.


(He addresses a small crowd. To one side are three terribly emaciated youths in a slightly gothic hodge-podge of styles.
    To the other side we see Farley and Gracie, of the crowboy vampire lineage.)

VITUS: I believe it has something to do with someone called "Minchin."


(Gracie and Farley look suspicious.)

VITUS: (from off panel) Do any of you know anything about that?


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