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By Christopher and Kelly
(Transcript and visual captions below}

      "Theodore, I don't mean to insult my gracious host, but we really must talk. I didn't think you would be so busy..."
      "Oh yes, yes, Santi, I do apologize..." Theodore hadn't even gotten dressed for the evening, he was too busy fussing over Jack, combing his hair just so and telling him trivial stories about the Queen's era.
      "Thank you... If you wouldn't mind, let's talk outside of this strange building, the magic here makes me feel uneasy."
      "Let's. Yes that is the cost for safety, isn't it? I'll be out in a moment."


Theodore led Jack into a different part of the estate. He felt a strange heat here, the rest of the house was frigid as the outdoors which still snowed merrily. Minnie, the human woman, was typing away at a desktop computer that had a bizarre and tangled series of cords running from it, and out of the room. There were several electric heaters here and there, to keep her from freezing in the drafty building. Jack had almost forgotten what it felt like to be warm.
      "Jack, I need to go out for a bit, but I'd like you to stay with my friend Minnie here. She's very nice. She's a computer person, remember that movie we saw together? Uh... Techno... something... Wizard... I don't remember. Anyway, remember how they could do those amazing things with computers? Watching enemies, finding information, exploding vehicles... She will do that for us! Isn't that fun? You like those computers, don't you?"
He sat Jack down in a creaky old chair, and Santi stood watching nearby, eyes glinting like a sullen cat.

In which Minnie doesn't really want to meet local singles.

  The Stiletto House had become synonymous with darkness-tinged movie star glamour in Harlan, though the A-list mostly passed it over in recent decades.  It had a curious combination of cozy old-time architecture and modern stainless steel decor, with highly polished dark wood above and below the all areas outside the main dance floor. A knife motif sculpture stood on random surfaces throughout.
Vitus and the ghouls passed by Grant Salton on the way in, the latest man to play Dr. Deckard on "My Heart Also Beats." Tabitha recognized him but was disappointed that no one else did.
      "Nonna you watch the storries?  Baaaah."

In which Minnie doesn't really want to meet local singles.

Tabitha let herself be distracted again by Grant Salton. She smiled at him with big horsey teeth, wrinkling up her eyes.

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     November 20th, 2012
     By:  Kelly

Oy, tales of woe and stuff. I lost about 5 or 6 hours of work on this one thanks to a power outage. FROWN! I got some help from Christopher in my dejection though, can you tell which part he drew? Anyway, what is all this mystery going on here? Will we ever find out just what the heck is going on? I hope so! I mean, err.. I guess I better start writing it...! :3

            TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.


(Theodore sits Jack in a chair reassuringly, while Santi stands behind impatiently.)

THEODORE: There now Jack It’s okay. Be good for Minnie!


(Jack stares at Theodore and Santi as they leave.)

THEODORE: I’ll be back soon, I promise!


(Jack looks over to Minnie, who looks sullen as she works on the computer.)

MINNIE: Finally those creeps are gone.


(Minnie looks over to Jack.)

MINNIE: No offense but vampires are pretty lame. I thought they’d be all romantic but they’re just gross weirdos.


(Jack stares on with a deer-in-headlights look.)

MINNIE: But you seem alright... You’re just a baby, huh? Pobrecito.. Theodore ees your vampire Lord?


MINNIE: He’s so stupid. He theenks I’m a hacker! Wants me to be a spy. I don’t know what I’m doing, at least I don’t have to use my own computer.


(Minnie laments the fate of the terrible computer in front of her, which is covered in strange ads and bars. Text includes "Local sluts now" "Hot 4 u" "24 hour live streaming" "free gift" etc.)

MINNIE: Look at this! Stupid theeng has so many malwares now! Spywares... viruses... Piece of crap!


MINNIE: Great. Now I have to wait ten minutes for eet to finish crashing.


(Jack walks up behind Minnie.)

MINNIE: Wanna play a game or--Oh man... Are you gonna suck my blood? You’re kinda hot I guess, not a bad way to go.


(Jack leans over and types something on the keyboard as Minnie watches, baffled.)

MINNIE: Whoa what are you--A textpad? Oh! Your tongue get cut out? Are you trying to tell me something?


(The screen is now blank except a text pad with a few lines of text on it.)

MINNIE: Whoa...! All that crap is gone...! What did you do?


(Jack looks blank.)

JACK: I don’t know...



(Sanna, Tabby, Stripes and Vitus walk through the fancy club which is decorated with glowing knives.)


(Sanna holds Vitus' hand, and the group walk through the club.)

VITUS: Are you happy now, Tabitha? You’re in a very fancy club...

TABBY: I’ll need a fancy drink to match.


(Stripes and Tabby sip on fancy mixed drinks.)

TABBY: ‘Kay, where to start? I just chose life a year gone, fell in with bad crowd... Freshies, wot?

STRIPES: Ooh, minty...


(Sanna leans on Vitus adoringly as they listen.)

VITUS: Didn’t understand much of that, but go on... What about Jack?



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