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(Transcript and visual captions below}

       Florence didn't know who else to call, so she called Demetri. She didn't regret it. He arrived in mere moments. Ever the knight of the Circle. But what could he do? What could anyone do?


In which presentation is key.

      "I don't understand... She's unconscious?" Thierry stood, as Ellen watched him with concern.
      "I don't understand it either," Demetri continued, "injuries to the heart are not fatal for us of course. I've had my heart injured many-- no, not just that way, you romantic. I don't understand why she's not healing though. He did something with beans, Florence has no idea why--"
      "Beans? Wait... did he throw a bunch on the ground or something?"
      "Yes? Does that mean something?"
      "Shit!! How did he know that?!" Thierry grabbed his forehead and started pacing.
      "Please explain..." Demetri looked to Florence who shook her head in confusion.
      Thierry spoke frantically as he hunted for his shorts, "Before Florence.. I saw her freak out about a spilled cart of lentils. Had to stop and count every one. I had to pick her up and drag her down the road as she flailed and screamed out numbers. By God, that was centuries ago! She kept it secret naturally. He figured it out, used it against her. No other way he could have gotten her. How could this brat possibly know?!"
      Demetri shook his head gravely, "I don't know... I'm feeling more and more every day that I know nothing at all."

 In which presentation is key.

       Edith stumbled down the hall, trying to recall what she was supposed to be doing. Maybe she would just go home, and she'd figure it out later. Her shift ended an hour and a half ago.
Her manager had approached her earlier as she was just about to wash her hands and leave for the day. An important person needed to be served in the largest dining hall. He paid top dollar and wanted only the best-- the best server they had to prepare and serve a special meal. He'd even brought the ingredients.
He was just a teenager with a gory rucksack. Somehow, after a moment, it didn't bother her. She prepared the odd hunk of meat, a lamb's heart, he said. She could almost swear it was still beating. Silly... It must have been that terrible earache distracting her. It didn't bother any more though.

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     December 11, 2011
     By:  Kelly

HA! Bet you didn't know the Kingfisher's logo was literal, didja? ------------------>
Hahaha! (As well as the Chapter 6 cover...) Rosie totally called it, what a devil!
More madness Wednesday and... well, pretty much for the rest of the chapter. :D

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.

THIERRY: Sorry bebe, I should get this.

THIERRY: OK I’m so busy right n--

THIERRY:  ...What? Mum is....?

DEMETRI:  I don’t know, she’s not gone... but missing a heart...


CHRIS:  So, ummm like that tea?

JACK:  It smells good.

CHRIS:  Um, um... a uh...

JACK: Craft knife. For... my crafts...


THEODORE:  Oh Edith, I so appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to serve me.

EDITH: Yes, sir.

EDITH:  Prepared to your specifications.

THEODORE:  Delightful! You are a doll. You may leave.

EDITH:  Very good, sir.

THEODORE:  Let’s have a look...

THEODORE:  Oh my! Wonderful!

THEODORE:  O thank you Father-- our Lord, for what I am about to receive... I humbly accept your gracious gifts.

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