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(Transcript and visual captions below}

The nights were spent going from hotel to hotel, and Minnie was sick of making excuses when the clerks gave her strange looks for checking in with a kid.

      'He's my little brother-- adopted brother. Yeah,' seemed to be the best one. She spent her days picking up soil from Koromo for Theodore's bed and her nights trying to clear off the newly accumulated spyware from the piece of crap computer. How did Jack do that so easily? He seemed kinda like a dummy, but he was that much better?

At last, they were going to a more permanent hideout. They took a cab to the local cancer research center, which was very posh, and very much closed. Theodore convinced the security guard to let them in, with that creepy smile. She couldn't imagine winning anyone over with that set of teeth, but of course, why was she packing all this luggage again?

In which Theo unlocks the secret level.

Minnie dropped the bags and scuttled away, hoping she could magic her way through the elevator again. She'd spend all night pushing button combos just to avoid that crowd.

      "Guess someone's got a problem with the supernatural," Ignatius croaked, "I don't mind, you guys know how to party."

      "What's the game?" Theodore asked, "Oh what are these we're betting with? Are these food?" he came to sit at the table, poking at the foil-wrapped candies.

      "Used to play with these back in the pokey," Clyde said, "Damn I wish they still made Fatty bars... Not that I could eat them."

      "But what will we do with these, then?" Theodore asked.

Minchin flicked a ChocoDevil to Oomyip, "I use 'em to lure kiddies."

      "Oh Clyde, you're terrible!"

He laughed, "I kid, I kid. They're teenagers at least, I think."

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     December 17th, 2013
     By:  Kelly

It begins! Why is Theo hanging out with all these freaks? We may find out one day.

Sorry for being so late, guys. I had the awfulmost time at work last week, and it left me exhausted. I think my vitality has mostly returned, so I'm in it to win it and stuff. Love you always and we'll have a silly holiday treat for you soon. :) <3

Also, thanks to everyone who signed up for the KFRPG, it is now full! If you'd like to play in the future, come say hi on HorrorBoys and we'll reserve you a spot if anyone drops out or we otherwise find some room.

            TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.


(Minnie and Theodore walk the empty lobby of a cancer research center, closed for the night. She carries bulky luggage.)

MINNIE: Man, why does a dead guy have so many theengs to pack?

THEODORE: Just my outfits and a few weapons!


(Theo is pointing something out.)

THEODORE: Did you know this hospital used to be a sanitarium?

MINNIE: I don’t come from here, dummy.


(The elevator is opening to them.)

MINNIE: At least this place is clean and has some heating.

THEODORE: We’re not staying here, we’re going to the other realm.

MINNIE: *sigh*


(Inside, Theodore is pressing the fourth and fifth floor buttons simultaneously, with his pinky poised for perhaps a third button.)

THEODORE: We’re going to a special floor.


(Minnie looks blankly at the elevator door, elevator music plays from above, and Theodore is smiling at her.)


(Theo's good spirits are irrepressible, as Minnie gets annoyed with him.)

MINNIE: Step off, creepy! You had your chance!


(The lights turn out as the elevator stops. Minnie looks alarmed, Theodore still chipper.)


(The elevator door opens on a dark hall - a deteriorated environment barely navigable in the gloom.)


(Minnie still seems frightened and Theodore wistful as they walk through the ruined hall.)

MINNIE:You pick jacked up places like this ‘cause you’re all jacked up too?

THEODORE: ‘Jacked up?’ Yes, I suppose Jack is on my mind. We'll see him again.


(In a large room with a tiled floor, exposed concrete beams, and dead light fixtures, some weirdos sit around a card table.)

THEODORE: Hello friends!

MINCHIN: Hey pal!


(Left to right, it is Clyde Minchin in his human form, Ignatius Perrier, Olga, a menacing looking demon, and Consuela,
  all playing cards. The demon is wearing a greatcoat, scarf, and leather gloves. Its head is a long skull with antlers.

THEODORE: Minnie, you know Olga and Consuela, meet my friends Clyde, Ignatius and Oomyip!


(Minnie seems to have remembered something, probably about not being in this place.)

MINNIE: Uhhhhhh I got some theengs... That aren’t here? Yeah. Human things. Uh, see ya.

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