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Thierry made Nick wait in the cab, as he went to talk to Farmer Martinez, a contact of a contact.
     "...I noticed you have that dried-up well out back. You do anything with that?" Thierry stood casually outside the farmer's window.
     "No, been on city water for a decade."
     "Any plans to demolish it?"
     "No reason really... Listen son, I don't know what you're doing out on a school night but-- "
     "What would you think if a... wild animal fell down the well?"
     "I 'spose I'd hafta call the animal control--"
     "No I mean, a terrible, stupid animal. How would you feel about that?" Thierry used a little supernatural persuasion, "Wouldn't that be annoying? Some wretched beast wallowing around in your well?"
     "That-that'd... I'd hate that." the farmer intoned blankly.
     "Yes. You'd say... that animal would not be invited in your well?"
     "No! I.. I hate the animal! I'll kill it!"
     "Take it easy, mon ami--"
     "--That animal! What's it doing in there?! I'll get it!"
     "*Sigh*... Let's try it from the top--"

In which a well is a terrible place for doubloons.

Thierry thought of protesting, but the enemy seemed passive at the moment. Maybe he could wait out this tale until morning if he had to. Keep him at bay. If he hadn't been under that terrible, watchful blue eye, he could've summoned up ten kinds of things to kick that dork's blonde ass, but sadly, the story had to go on.

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     December 28, 2011
     By:  Kelly

Poor Nick. I almost forgive him for all the serial killings. I'm sure that's not the last we'll see of him. Or is it? By the way, any backstory-phobic folks out there need not worry, the next bit will be short and painless, and we will be back to madcap Theo adventures soon. Plus it will give those curious about Inka and Thierry something to consider.

The survey continues, only two more days! I'm so happy with all the wonderful comments and great feedback. It's giving me lots of ideas! One thing for instance, I actually got this comic done about 12 hours earlier than I normally do, because of people's feedback requesting more timeliness. Go me! More improvements to come, I'm sure. By the way, my holiday was great, my family bought me the most goth-tastic things, it was almost too stereotypical, but I still loved it. I hope you all enjoy whatever holidays you enjoy or at least got a nice day off work. <3

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.

THIERRY: So, you like serial killing, eh Nick?

NICK: Hm, I guess.

THIERRY:  Yeah, that’s... just awesome.

THIERRY :  Oh wow, look at that! Gold doubloons!

NICK : Hm? I don’t see any--

THIERRY:  Allez, hop!

THIERRY:  I‘ve had enough of you, Feel free to try to escape, you have nothing but time. Bonne chance, ami.

THEODORE:  Why do you cry?

THEODORE:  You are free! No brutal mother, no wicked child.

THIERRY:  F-fuck!! It’s you?! What do you want?!

THEODORE: I suppose tears are the way that you still live. Oh soft-hearted little Inka.

THIERRY:  What?! Like you would know anything about that!


THEODORE:  That night in Bribeaux when you were reborn...

THEODORE:  Didn’t it go something like...

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