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(Transcript and visual captions below}

      Theodore told the story not like someone who had heard it secondhand. Either he was really good at making up realistic details, or he was using some bizarre power, Thierry thought. He spoke like he had been there.
     "Yes that Marcus, what a cad. Not even a progenitor like his wicked friends. He should have known better! He looked like that bizarre classical statue of the man being attacked by a serpent in a rather delicate area-- Oh. I forgot. That's because he was the model for it. You know how those Penoli men were back then. Terrible. Loose morals. All kinds of debauchery and depravity. No wonder he ended up that way. Oh by the way, if you're curious about whatever became of him, I have a story for you sometime... Back to the tale, so the three wicked monsters were cavorting about as you were trying to flee...

In which vampires really need bibs.
         "That was quite a scene afterwards. Those debauched men didn't want to share their prizes much, but found a wild child tearing about the environment rather amusing. I'm sure you were as embarrassed afterwards as our queen mother was. She left town shortly after that, because she was ashamed of you. She told you that frequently back then. Ashamed of her own madness. Tender child murderesses, where would we be without them? Oh yes. Not a monster. So remind me again, why you weep for this aberration who only pretended to care for you?"
        Thierry had to restrain himself from openly arguing with this freak of nature, but managed to sound civil.
        "Honestly... I have no idea how you know any of this, but how can you really say how she felt?" he said.
Theodore gave him the strangest look with his glassy blue eyes, that would have chilled him to the bone if that was something that could happen to vampires.
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     January 01, 2012
     By:  Kelly

     Oh man, if you haven't been offended by this Kingfisher page, you're probably never going to be. I didn't realize how shocking it was until I painted all the blood in. Dang. I hope we can do something again with our new friends Marcus and M. Vicier, because I love drawing them now. This page got extremely international. Please note that I am purposefully having Marcus speak in Italian, I didn't mix it up with French. xD Again, if I butchered anyone's mother tongue, please berate me thoroughly.

This Wednesday will be the funtime bonus, which is gigantic-er than I planned, but I hope you will love it. Other site stuff, on the index page you can check out the results of the poll, and my responses to some questions and requests. I want to build a FAQ/lore/etc page soon, so I've also added a Formspring to the main page (right next to the post --->) which you can use to ask questions about anything you like, though things about the Kingfisher rather than my favorite breakfast food (oatmeal) and sock color (red) might be more useful. :) <3


             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.

INKA: You didn’t hear it either. *sigh* Fine, I’ll go look.

MONSIEUR VICIER: Marcus, your favorite kind!

MARCUS:  Sì, è vero. Molto bene!

INKA :  Non, gentlemen... I will take care of this whelp.

MARCUS : Vicier, bring me a handsome lad next time.

MONSIEUR VICIER:  Hmph. L'audace! Non.

MARCUS:  So boring! Puah! My appetite is ruined. Ti odio!

INKA:  Don’t worry, Poppet. It will be over soon.

INKA:  Wait.. you are...

INKA (OF THE PAST?):  Luukas? Dear son...? Don’t cry!

INKA : N-no! My baby!

INKA:  I didn’t mean to kill you again! Come back to me!

THEODORE:  --like that, if I’m not mistaken...


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