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(Transcript and visual captions below}

     The wind rolled through the tree branches, creating a gentle rushing that filled the silence. Thierry stared at the glinting eyes in the dark, Theodore's story finished. He was completely unsure of what would happen next, was it just a prelude to an attack? What was the point of reminding him of those depressing days? Maybe a way to break his will, to shame him.
      Ha! That trick don't work on Chartrain, I got confidence to spare baby. Just try something, you'll get dragged to hell, kid. Literally!
Yet, he couldn't forget that this kid took out the most powerful wizard of the Circle just an hour or so earlier, without so much as a hair out of place to show for it.
      Eerie. Real fuckin' eerie.

In which butts are sooo distracting.
      "Why, uh, why you askin' about that?" Chris asked.
     "I just saw that name. I remember you were talking about it before. Thought maybe there was a reason you told me about it."
     "Ummm not really. Would there... be a reason I should tell you about it?"
Jack turned to look at him, completely nude and unflinching.
     "No," he said.
     "Ha, yeah, of course. So.. you're interested in serial killers too, now?"
     "No. There wasn't a reason you started talking to me about them? Like... you didn't think there was something about me...?"
Chris panicked again, he was feeling so woozy since his nap. Like low blood sugar or something.
     "No!! No! I wouldn't think that, of course! Ha! Ha! It was, um, I was just trying to hit on you!"
Jack stared blankly, "Oh. That's weird."
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     January 08, 2012
     By:  Kelly

Argh, I learned an important thing today. Even more important than Kelly's health for the Kingfisher getting done -- Christopher's health! Don't worry, he's OK now, but he was sooo distracting. WTF Christopher? Don't you know the Kingfisher is more important than your brain or whatever was wrong with you? :P (I kid, I kid...) NEWAYZ... Excited to be back to the storyline. I decided at the last minute this page needed a butt on it, so I said, 'LET THERE BE BUTTZ' and it was good. :P

EDIT: I realized this sounded kinda rude to Christopher, I was just teasing him, don't worry. xD He had a toothache and is going to the dentist today. No fun, but he is OK. <3

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.

THEODORE: A tragic tale. For you, though, not the monster.

THIERRY: Alright, I give. How the hell do you know all that?!

THEODORE:  A little bird told me... Heheh... I know a lot of things. I always liked you, Thierry.

THIERRY :  Yeah, uh huh. Wait... I remember the last time I saw you... When the Circle formed, you all left - Kellgren, you and Patricia.

THIERRY : You were just a baby still, Patricia watching out for you...

THIERRY:  Where is Patricia, anyway? Oh no... You didn’t..?

THEODORE:  How DARE you insinuate such a thing?! How could I harm an angel!?

THIERRY:  I‘m just sayin’... she was a nice lady. What happened to her?

THEODORE:  I am NOT interested in this conversation!

THIERRY:  Fine. Listen... I’m not in the Circle now. I won’t mess with you, you don’t mess with me. ‘K?

THEODORE : Agreed.

THIERRY (THINKS) :  Whoa. I really turned my back on him? I‘m such a badass!


CHRIS:  Ugh... oh man...

CHRIS:  Whoa! Hello!

JACK:  “Minchin Lives...” He ‘lives?’

CHRIS:  Oh yeah! Some hokey urban legend.

CHRIS:  People say he’s still alive. Swear they’ve seen him.

CHRIS:  --That he still kills too. It’s just silly, he was executed 65 years ago.


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