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(Transcript and visual captions below}

     It was very difficult setting up the conference, Helen was on the phone for an hour trying to explain basic computer usage to Vitus.
(He was still on an old CompyBook-2, who the hell uses THOSE anymore?!) Luckily, Ellen and Tristan were already familiar with Skall, or it would have been even worse. Greyburn and Sombreta were summoned to the webcams, but Dragomir insisted on remaining in hiding, completely. Even to his own Circle mates? Talk about R-U-D-E. Helen waggled her finger sassily at an invisible Dragomir. What a jerk!

Meanwhile-- Demetri would miss the conference. He was en route to the old chemical plant in the industrial district. All the powerful fumes would presumably keep monster boys at bay-- but for how long?

In which that emoticon makes the page.
      Well, his acting skills worked. Those psycho chicks finally gave up. But... not in the way he'd hoped. Goddamn! They're just gonna let me starve here! They don't know I'm already dead, talk about fuckin' evil... He spent an hour, alone in the dark, debating whether he should mentally call for that freaky blonde vampire girl. He'd been considering it the whole time, but the thought of actually summoning one of those monsters was too much to bear. OK OK...
     He broke down, and did it. ....Wait. Did he do that right? Fuck... He should have practiced! He tried it again...
He recalled something important -- he wasn't quite 'invited' here. Shit. No freaky monster magic available. Duh. Ugh. UGH!
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     January 11, 2012
     By:  Kelly

I was like, twenty minutes away from finishing this page this morning, and then I had to go to WORK! UGH! WTF? Who does THAT anymore? : ( Well I'm looking forward to Friday, Christopher and I are finally getting anniversary tattoos, and also... BONUS! OMG the bonuses never stop! This week will be 'honorable mentions' from the survey, you may see your response illustrated. :D

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.

Skall call with - AstroEll

AUBREY: Hideous! Awful! A nightmare! Can they see me? Are they looking at me now?

ELLEN: Yes, Dad.

Skall call with - V-WHIT

ANGELA:  I just can’t believe it. Who could do such a thing? Poor dear Inka!

VITUS :  Mum, the camera is this way...

Skall call with - Dragomir :)

TRISTAN : Mr. Tomasz says that it is a tragedy. We will unite and destroy the bad man. Yes? OK.. OK.. yes.

DEMETRI:  Ugh. Honestly? This is the best we can do?

TRISTAN:  Mr. Demy!

DEMETRI:  Oh no. You poor thing. They’ve got you dressed up as rough trade. Those fiends.

DEMETRI:  You’re just here to be molested, aren’t you?

TRISTAN:  Is true.

SARAH : What?!

DEMETRI:  Tomasz-- I know you’re concerned for your safety, but we really do need a *way* to ‘destroy the bad man.’

TOMASZ:  I‘m not concerned about shit. You’ll figure something out, I’m confident.

TOMASZ:  What else can I do? I’m the target. It's a minor threat, really.

DEMETRI: I suppose *I’ll* have to deal with the ‘minor threat’ alone.

TRISTAN:  Please... take me with you...!

SARAH:  TRISTAN don’t touch people!


ARSONELLA:  I can't handle it! We're never gonna find anything out. He just cries all day.


ARSONELLA :  It's getting depressing.

AKIKO:  Yeah. Do we really want to know whatever we did with that creep?

AKIKO:  Let's go, baby. We can stay at my place for a few days.



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