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(Transcript and visual captions below}

     Demetri had to work quickly, daybreak approached. If he was to strike now with any element of surprise, he had to do it tonight, before that fiend could concoct some new trick. He flew desperately, his tiny winged form slower than many of the other lineages.
        Deft yes, fast, no. Not that Dragomirs ever let anyone know about that particular weakness.
Fran? No... What could she do? Protection mostly, some showy explosion here and there, but nothing that could get him at the villain. That was the problem. That downpour earlier washed his scent away, and now, there was no trace of it. He'd left nothing behind, as far as they could tell. Or perhaps, left something that they didn't recognize. Like he'd changed souls, nearly. How?
        Demetri caught a scent wafting up from the marshlands below. Thierry, ever the loner, out in the wilderness. So much for hiding away in safety. Perhaps the young wizard could assist. No, he could definitely assist, but would he?

In which shit's pretty fast, man.
       The imp immediately crashed out of the window in a single bound. Demetri was glad he had waited for the little beast on the first floor. He leaped afterwards, rolling off the gravel below and sprinting into the daylight, his newly day-sick form more sluggish than normal, but determined and tireless. This was the only way.

     Elsewhere, Thierry was about to turn in for the day. He hoped that this passive manner of helping Demetri find Theodore didn't break the little verbal contract of not 'messing' with one another. It was about the least he could do, and it was important to get the Circle off his back. God, that would be amazing, no more progenitors breathing down his neck--
     Wait. Demetri agreed to this. Was that all it took? UGH. Fucking Dragomir! He'd put the veto on it for sure. More meetings? More games? More orders and favors?! Any more Circle bullshit after this... Maybe he'd give a little 'passive' help to Theodore.
     Yikes. Was this what things were coming to?

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     January 15, 2012
     By:  Kelly

Well Christopher and I got our biggest tattoos ever! We're not done either, maybe halfway. I think I was a good trooper, pretty good for an old guy of almost thirty. :P I'll take a picture when my arm is done being all freaky swollen and stained, I want to keep the gore limited to the comic. :P

Only two pages left in the chapter! :O :O :O What will happen?!

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.

DEMETRI: Young Thierry, you are now the Circle’s most powerful wizard...

THIERRY: Wrong. I quit. Talk to Florence.

DEMETRI:  We’ve lost his scent, he’s changed somehow. Please, you must help...!

THIERRY:  Help? Oh you know how much I love doing favors but...

DEMETRI: Favor? Your mother was killed! ...Fine. Name your price.

THIERRY:  I do this, I’m out. I’m done. No more Circle obligations, forever.

DEMETRI:  As you wish.

THIERRY: OK, ready to commune with the demons?

DEMETRI:  Aren’t I now?

THIERRY:  Very funny.


VITUS: I‘ve been trying to call you! Inka was murdered!

JACK:  R-really? Yeah I turned it off...

VITUS:  I was worried sick!

VITUS:  There’s a murderer loose! You really need to stay home, where it’s safe!


THIERRY: OK, at sunrise, this guy will run to Theodore, wherever he is.

DEMETRI:  In the day? Is this the best you can do?

THIERRY:  No, but it’s what I did do.

THIERRY:  His name is Claude. He’s fast as shit, can you handle it?

DEMETRI: I believe so.

DEMETRI: Ha! Here we go. Fast, indeed.

DEMETRI: This shouldn’t be that difficult. ...I think...


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