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(Transcript and visual captions below}

In the upper floors of Rafflesia, the club's music was surprisingly dim and distant. Thierry's personal rooms were decorated like a high-schooler's bedroom, if said high-schooler earned more than both his parents combined.
       "You sure you want to do this again?" Thierry asked disinterestedly.
       Demetri rolled his eyes, "Yes, I've got no other choice, do I? I've got some mercenaries on call this time."
He retrieved the bottle with Claude, who stared at him watchfully from inside the glass.
       "So he just reappears back here?" he asked, trying to not make eye contact with the fuzzy little beast.
       "Yeah--" Thierry leaned on an awesomely expensive looking stereo system, "soon as he reaches the bastard-man, he pops back in there. "
       "So his whole purpose is to run around on command? What a life." Demetri felt some small camaraderie with the imp on that level.
       "Well now it is, anyway," Thierry flopped on an ancient beanbag chair which sent out a plume of dust, "When he's in the underworld he rules a few legions of demons and surveys the decapitation of sinners and delights at their still living heads wailing as they're placed on pikes to decorate the gates of the deep pit."
Demetri widened his eyes and looked at the little creature who looked back with the same look he ever had.
       "Well then..."

In which Theodore is dead, wrapped in plastic!

 Jack got lost several times trying to find the closest SleepyTown location in the bright autumn sun, and Darren's blathering wasn't helping him focus.
      "I totally won the Nana championship for you, the one at Quadrigen Temple with all the fire demons and shit. Soo hard."
      "NO! I was skipping that one because I wanted the pony sidequest!"
      "Oh, sorry I guess. The pony isn't that cool though, it doesn't really do anything. It's mega girlie looking anyway."
      "It's cute! It's a goddamn pony and I wanted it."
      "I said I'm sowwreeee, sheesh. Oh yeah, why did you pick Pansimo to be in your party? Does he have some secret bonus or something?"
      "He's cute... I like the little flowers on his ears."
      "What? I thought that was just like, a joke character. Useless stats and kinda cliché. A flaming homo, pink monkey, y'know? His ultimate power unlock is like... throwing rose petals or something. I don't even know what it's supposed to do. What's so cool about that?"
      "IT'S CUTE. --CUTE! --Why is everyone honking?"
Jack rolled back into his own lane eventually.

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     February 26th, 2012
     By:  Kelly

Theo is actually clever for once! Something I couldn't really illustrate here, is the plastic is to hold the dirt that is normally in his coffin to body, underwater. Yeah. Hard to draw.

I had to decide between a few different jokes for the alt text of this comic. The other one I was waffling about was "In which dead Theodore waits dreaming." Bonus points if you get my references. The one I chose goes better with panel 15 which is an homage to something I really love. Bonus points forever, everyone. Bonus points forever. By the way, everything's about to get super crazy again...

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.


(Jack walks in the door of the Sombreta estate with a weary expression, rubbing his head.)


(Darren relaxes on an easy chair wrapped up in blankets holding Jack's pink handheld video game device thingie.)

DARREN: Hey I leveled your monkey mage to 40 but I used all the Nana-potions. Sorry bro.

JACK: I was saving those!


(Darren clutches Jack's game player which has a rainbow "PRIDE" sticker with a heart on it.)

JACK: I forgot you’re still here. We gotta get you home.

DARREN: No way, I’m not going back, never!


(Sombreta emerges from parts unknown behind Jack, interrupting his train of thought.)

JACK: Dude you can’t just run away--

ANGELA: Dear one! Meet me in the bath again?

JACK: " * "


(Jack makes an intense face.)

JACK: --yes, let’s run away.


(Vitus wigs out upon seeing Jack carrying luggage, perhaps thinking they will be full of dismembered corpses later.)

VITUS: Oh no, you don’t need to dispose of something, do you?!

JACK: What? No...

VITUS: Oh good. Um... Well what’s the luggage for then?


(Jack looks away.)

JACK: I uh, need to get out of here for a while.


(Vitus is confused.)

VITUS: What do you mean?

JACK: Darren and I are gonna stay in a hotel or something.

VITUS: Wow... you can do that? I never... uh..9.)


(Jack turns to leave.)

VITUS: Will it be safe?

JACK: Safer than here. -- ...Sorry.


(Vitus wears an emotional expression.)


(The sun begins to peak at the edge of the horizon. Theodore is on his sailboat, lifting a heavy anchor.)

THEODORE: No one to watch over me now but the sea.


(The 'Grey Menace' (Demetri) runs after Claude through crowded city streets as onlookers gape and take photos.)


(Claude dives off of a dock as Demetri follows.)



(Demetri clutches his head, looking on at the splash of water Claude has made.)



(Theodore sleeps peacefully, wrapped in plastic.)


(Theodore is bound in chains, wrapped in plastic, and tied to an anchor at the bottom of the sea.)


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