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(Transcript and visual captions below}

Fran walked down the thin bannister of her split level apartment. She balanced on her socked feet effortlessly, and slid gently to the bottom. It wasn't a real balance beam, but it would do. This place had served her nicely in recent years, easy to be forgotten about out in the suburbs. The only person who had visited her with any regularity was brother Demy, who never even blinked an eye about her rather humble abode. She needed that. --and for that reason, Sarah would never be invited.
       Someone knocked. Conveniently, she was already there at the bottom. However, she was a wreck, still in sweats and raggy hair from her workout. She could tell by the lack of breathing noises that it wasn't anyone who would be particularly moved by her dishevelment. Demy. Lucky her.

In which it is a GHOUL's night OUT! REE HEE HEE!

 >>(Want to see the last row larger?)<<

        "Jack, are you sleeping already?" Tristan whispered.
        "...No." Jack had wondered about pretending to sleep, it was easy to imagine that leading into a sexy scenario somehow... but he wasn't sure how well he would act in this situation.
        "This is fun. I think of my brother when we are kids. We don't have our own bed at first."
        "Heh... I hope this is a little different from your brother..."
        "Oh of course. He pees in bed. Then I get my own bed. Pretty cool."
        "Yeah, you don't do that. This is nicer."
        "Um, you should sleep."
        "Yes, right. Good sleep Jack, I hope you are happy."

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     March 5th, 2012
     By:  Kelly

I did it again AUUUGHHH! Seriously, my comics have gone from taking 15-18 hours to taking 22-30 hours in the last week. WUT. Talk about overly detailed, I included a detail of the last row because I thought there was a lot you missed at the smaller size. Damn, I impressed myself with those bricks, at least. The most cheerful Kingfisher page in ages? I hope this makes up for me being a sucky McLaterson.

OH SPEAKING OF ME BEING SUCKY-- if you asked a Formspring question in the last couple weeks I AM SO SORRY! My Formspring page stopped informing me when I got a new message, so I just today discovered all of them. :( EDIT: ANSWERS ARE UP!

PS this page is dedicated to the Cryptkeeper, who taught me that the only good puns are Halloween-ish.

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.


(Francesca lets Demetri in to her apartment with a concerned look.)

FRANCESCA : What is it?

DEMETRI: It’s over, Frannie. -- The Circle. We’re done. I give up.



(Demetri is pissed.)

DEMETRI : Fucking Tomasz! I will not obey him again.


(Demetri confronts Tomasz who has a topless woman in a gimp mask on his lap. How boring.)

VOICEOVER: Today I decided...

DEMETRI: I need to--

DRAGOMIR: Helloo! Busy here...

DEMETRI: Something has to be done!


(Dragomir and Demetri argue, Demetri makes a crazed face.)

DRAGOMIR: Do it then!

DEMETRI: I can’t! I’ve tried!

DRAGOMIR: I had no idea you were so useless... There are much sexier family now as well, so... why are you here?


(Demetri looks wild eyed)

DEMETRI: ...What did Lucricia tell you? That letter you received from her, what was it?


(Tomasz gives Demetri a foul look.)

DEMETRI : Don’t pretend you don’t know. Theodore told me.

DRAGOMIR : ... That’s none of your business. Be gone.


(Demetri sits with Francesca- back to his ye olde form with slicked back hair, colorful shirt and goblet in hand.)

DEMETRI : Then I freed that young man from the ginger tyranny, just so I could feel like I had any power at all...

FRANCESCA : --and to piss off Tomasz.

DEMETRI : So then I contacted Lucricia...


(Demetri looks shocked as Lucricia talks to him from what appears to be a phone booth in a punk club.)

LUCRICIA: WHAT?! My letter was perfectly clear: Theodore is coming to destroy the Circle, prepare yourselves! There has to be a misunderstanding... Tomasz would never mislead you.


(Demetri smooshes his face and swirls his glass about. Francesca looks as dire as someone in pink sweats can.)

DEMETRI: Why does he want it like this? I don’t know... but what can we do? Nothing.

FRANCESCA: I think there is something we can do...




(Jack and Tristan stand in front of a classy view of a brick wall.)

TRISTAN: I don’t bring anything... How about we go to buy some clothes tonight?

JACK: You want to go shopping? ...Are you sure you’re not my imaginary friend?


(Darren is laid back, relaxed.)

TRISTAN: Want to go, Mr. Darren?

DARREN: No! I‘m trying to double-nap!


(Jack and Tristan look at some costume masks at Shopville. There is a large banner that says "SHOPVILLE AUTUMNAL SPOOKTACULAR". They are surrounded by bats, skeletons, bags of candy, et al..)

TRISTAN: I never go to this store. Everything is cheap price!

JACK: ...Yeah.


(Jack carries tons of plastic bags with the tops of cute stuffed animals poking out. He wears a golden bird mask, and has on an orange and purple striped scarf, skeleton printed sweatshirt. He sticks his tongue out and Tristan cocks an eyebrow, wearing a pink feather boa, a purple shirt that reads "SPOOKY - RIFFIC" with a black cat face on it. He has a green alien mask on the top of his head. Behind them a skeleton vibrates and says "WE'RE DYING TO HELP YOU SAVE MORE!")


(Tristan pops his knuckles proudly as Jack coyly wipes blood off his lip. Two men in white shirts and dark pants lay in a heap with Xs in their eyes, surrounded by busted up signs that say things like "GOD KILLS" and "REPENT NOW".)


(Jack laughs as Tristan has a purple toy bat on his head. Jack wears neon green long johns covered in bats, no shirt and the pink boa. Tristan wears orange boxers covered in skulls.)


(Tristan puts his arm around Jack as they get into bed together.)


(Jack and Tristan sleep entwined, a stuffed vampire and stuffed bat on their bed. Darren looks degenerate and sleeps with noodle arms and drool coming out of his mouth.)


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