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(Transcript and visual captions below}

Karl took the spare moment to clean up kitty barf and do a quick check for potential embarrassments, and cover them with heaps of dirty laundry. Wait, that was an embarrassment in itself, but you couldn't cover dirty laundry with dirty laundry. He spied a tin of Popup Mints. He'd give them to Jack; they guaranteed to transport you to a world of minty glaciers, somewhere without dirty laundry or stacks of tacky fantasy novels. At least they'd cover the taste of vomit, and that had to count for something.

In which Molly socializes.

As Jack closed the door, a bit of paper fluttered down from the table. That wad of bills. Karl touched it with a toe, and Molly went after it, batting it around the floor. 500 GM in big bills, that was almost his month's rent. Jack could just let stuff like that drop and forget about it? Unless it was some kind of bribe... or payment. Wait no, not unless he had some kind of vomit fetish. Ugh.

And 'a game?' Jack didn't play those kind of games. Maybe that would be believable if they were talking about Monkey-Bracers and NanaUps. Something was up, something was seriously up. *glk* Karl knocked the bills out from under Molly's new deluge.

   "Maybe it's time to stop buying you the cheap cat food."

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     March 18th, 2014
     By:  Kelly

UGHH I tried really hard to get this one done early to make good on the donation bonus comic, and only succeeded in getting it done on time. :( Thanks to whoever did the big donation, I'm workin' to hold up my end of the bargain! Speaking of such things, I'd like to change up how the donation bonuses work, because obviously I can't quite hack getting regular extra comics done. *cry* I'm still going to do the 2 bonus comics, since I promised that before, but after this I'd like to do something else. Do any of you have advice for something I could do that would still be cool and worth while?

            TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.


(In Karl's apartment still from the last comic. Jack's hair is a bit
wetted down now, and he reaches for the mints Karl is offering.

KARL: I am so sorry! I had no idea.
  Are you a vegetarian or something?

JACK: Eh, or something.


(Karl has turned away and has a hand on his stomach, while
behind him Molly the cat is scaling Jack like so many drapes.

KARL: Damn, maybe I have an iron gut
after all these Noodle Cups.


   (Molly has reached the pinnacle of Mount Jack,
which is smiling. Karl is angry with the little beast..



(Jack winces in pain as Molly bats at his eyes with a clawed mitt.
     Karl's eyes are wide, and he reaches to grab the dread cat.)

KARL: Oh my god! I haven’t socialized her enough!


(Jack rubs his head and smiles, Molly looks wily, Karl sensitive.)

JACK: Is that one of Noodle’s kittens?

KARL: Oh Jack... Noodle died last year.


(Jack is mildly bummed out or distracted.)

JACK: Oh...

KARL: (from off panel) Man, I’m sorry--

JACK'S PHONE: Ooh B yourself baybeh yeah


(As Jack answers his phone and Molly wriggles,
Karl notices some money fall out of Jack's pocket.

JACK: Just a sec--


(As Molly contemplates escape, Karl is either shocked by something
  about the cash, or by the substance of Jack's phone conversation.

JACK: (off panel) Hey, what? Oh, is that the... guy? ...How big?

Well uh, how many bullets does it take?

Damn, we’re not gonna start a war are we?

You think that’s going to work?

Can you even shoot something like that?

Alright, just get whatever will work, it’s gotta fit in the car.


(Jack hasn't yet put his phone away and Karl looks nervous and goofy.)

JACK: We’re... talking about a game.

KARL: Ohh you dropped these? Heh!

JACK: You can keep it.

KARL: I’d rather not...!


(Jack seems fairly blank and Karl is looking coy.)

JACK: Well it hasn’t been exactly romantic but I’m here...


(Karl looks sentimental as he drags an
    unexpressive cat across his chin.

KARL: I don’t want to seem cheesy,
 but I want it to be right. You know?


  (Perhaps the awkwardness is done, as the lads
are looking friendly. Jack pats Karl on the arm.

JACK: Haha, if you say so. Goodnight kiss?

KARL: Maybe on a night when no one’s vomited.

JACK: Fair enough.


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