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(Transcript and visual captions below}

Jack and Santi came to the stately rose garden which filled the air with a nearly overwhelming scent. Jack couldn't remember flowers smelling this strongly before, it was actually a bit unpleasant. Perhaps that was just the tension of the situation coloring his view, though. The small man walked in front of Jack, looking even tinier than Theodore. Why was he always being menaced by immortal teenagers?

He fidgeted with the phone in his blazer pocket. How long had he been wearing this suit? How long since.... that thing happened? Out in the cold night air, he found his mind to be clearing. Maybe it was being away from that strange magic, or maybe it was just being away from Theodore...


In which smoking kills, har har har.

Jack attempted to smile as Santi continued his story. The fact he was telling him all of this was probably a good sign that he didn't actually plan to murder him.... right?


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     March 27th, 2013
     By:  Kelly

Oh roses, so fun to draw, but so tedious. I'm going to be sad when Jack does finally change his clothes, just as I'm getting used to painting velvet. Sigh. Maybe someone can move into a place with velvet walls... yeahhh... Imagine dusting that place! NEwayz, I feel bad for killing that unnamed progenitor, he looks so cool!

            TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.


(Santi and Jack walk through a dense background of red roses. Jack looks away, nervously.)

SANTI: It’s a beautiful place, isn’t it?


(Santi and Jack talk and walk. Jack has his arms folded uncomfortably. Lush bushes of roses surround them.)

SANTI: I’m sure it’s more brilliant in the day, but that is another thing they’ve taken from us.


(Santi looks serious.)

SANTI: You and I, we have much in common. My torments were the same.


(Back in time, young Santi smokes a cigarette, while a dapper man in a top hat follows him. The man holds a cane and has glowing green eyes.)

SANTI: To be taken randomly, it never was our fault. Just the whims of the mad, to steal what they want.


(Young Santi sits naked on a bed in a stately room, the older man sleeping next to him.)

SANTI: Their whims are our suffering, forced into an eternal slavery. Why? Because they wanted it. They wanted us.


(Santi walks down a lonely street at night, carrying what seems to be a bloody bag. Theodore passes him on the other side, they share a look of recognition.)

SANTI: They would never expect us to rise against them.


(Santi walks in the mansion with the older man with his hand on his shoulder. In the background, a dark figure hides on the stairs with glowing green eyes. Santi looks that way furtively.)

SANTI: Why? Their foolishness, indifference, solipsism... Why shouldn’t we fight back?


(Theodore sits on the floor with the beaten body of the older man, whose chest has been split open, revealing ribs. Theodore holds up the bloody heart to Santi, who looks on in shock.)

SANTI: Theodore helped me when I was in a position like yourself. Offered me the power to take care of myself.


(Santi holds the heart nervously.)

SANTI: After that, I discovered so many more monsters. Why let them live to ruin the lives of the innocent?


(Santi smiles, while Jack looks on in slight terror.)

SANTI: It is a bit addictive, you may discover. But it is a service to the world, don’t you think?

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