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(Transcript and visual captions below}

Santi launched into what sounded like a prepared speech. Jack had trouble focusing at first, it sounded more like a pitch for new car insurance than a request to incite revolution. Jack was soon distracted by the smell of the flowers, and the sound they made as they blew in the wind. Santi caught his eyes and began the hard sell, which was hard indeed. What was he going to try to get him to do? It's not like somebody who hung out with Theodore needed his help. What was he even talking about?


In which darlings are killed.

Jack stared at Santi's phone. It was the same model as the first one he got, back when he'd just started dealing. What, 9th grade? 8th grade? He wondered how vampires kept service going on such an old phone. Did his boring motivational speeches help him with that?

A pair of hazel eyes glinted in the darkness at him.

      "Someone out there is the reason you are dead, Jack. If you don't want to call your murderer, I saw another vampire. Short blonde hair, big blue eyes..."

Jack was amazed he remembered Demy's number, how many years had it been? His clumsy fingers entered the digits and began the call.

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     April 9th, 2013
     By:  Kelly

Poor Marcus. We always hurt the ones we love. ;___; AUGH! Don't say I never suffered for my art you guys. First, I kill one of my favorite-y favorite characters, and then just even making this beast of a page. I'd say this was the hardest one all year. Curse you action scenes! Sorry for the lateness, this is what I get for drawing paisley print on a carpet that is going to turn to blue mush when I scale it down, and other related stupidity.

NEWAYS, I hope this page isn't too confusing. HINT: it happened a long time ago.

            TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.


(Santi speaks in voice-over while a flashback unfolds. The scene from Santi's past is not being narrated, but perhaps
    remembered by Santi as he talks to Jack, back in the present. The scene depicted is of Santi rallying a group of
    vampires on a tiled rooftop, with implements of violence in their hands and a cathedral in the background.)

SANTI: Here’s the thing, Jack. It’s not just the progenitors.


(A fancy old-fashioned estate with a single light on, trees in the foreground.)

SANTI: I’m sure it’s more brilliant in the day, but that is another thing they’ve taken from us.


(Santi's army begins to move. He holds a wavy-bladed dagger.)

SANTI: Theodore told me, you weren’t created by a progenitor. Those who help the monsters-


(Marcus is looking sexy with some mortal lover.)


(Marcus notices something is amiss. Smoke has crept into the room.)

SANTI: -are as bad as the monsters themselves.


(In hastily donned clothing, Marcus and his lover creep down the stairs. Marcus holds a sword. The estate is on fire.)

SANTI: Lives of the innocent are at stake, Jack.


(A mob of vampires attacks. Santi slashes the human's throat. Marcus is not pleased.)


(Marcus fights the vampires outside the estate, throwing them around
    easily. One runs away, and Santi lurks in the background.)

SANTI: Someone killed you, for no good reason. Think of the torture, the cruelty...


(Santi has a knife in his teeth and a rope in his hands. Marcus is distracted.)

SANTI: Don’t you want revenge?


(Santi seizes Marcus with the rope while some lesser opponent falls away from Marcus, defeated.)


(Marcus looks very mad as Santi leers over his shoulder. Santi's knife is now in hand.)


(Marcus is down. Santi reaches for his heart.)

SANTI: You can help us save others.


(Santi begins to eat the heart.)


(As the estate burns, Santi stands before it with a torch. All of those who came to fight for him
    lay about unconscious, not enough blood to reanimate themselves and see what he's doing.)

SANTI: It’s the simplest thing, really.


(Back in the present, in that rooftop rose garden, Santi speaks with Jack, gesturing with a cell phone.)

SANTI: Call your maker. Bring him here. Don’t let them get away with it.


(The phone is in Jack's hand. He looks a bit scared.)

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