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     Jack... it has to come down to him, doesn't it?
Demetri considered putting off the request, of course Jack was fine! At least, he was still around, Demetri was sure of that. He couldn't get something out of his mind though, 'Theodore likes him.' He remembered all too well Jack's tale of how he met Theodore, that day of the interrogation.
   Theodore... damn it, the great villain of this saga has to be a little fancy gay boy and the sought after one has to be the most beautiful--- AUGH.. That's just silly. Of course that's not what it's all about! What's he thinking... He turns a young one against us, convenient, he came right to his lair unbidden. Very easy to convince a young one as well, they don't yet understand the ways of the world. He sees Jack is a likeable little fellow, and uses that to spread confusion and pit family against family. Some will defend him, some will distrust, and it's all just a big distraction with a poor little waif caught in the middle. BRILLIANT! Gah...
   Thinking about it, he knew that Jack had to have heard from Theodore again. He had to know more, or have heard something, even if he didn't realize it. Now that the battle seemed more hopeful, perhaps this investigation would be worth it. But, it wasn't going to be easy.


 Jack parked his car in the dark back lot. No one parked there because of the overgrown shrubbery and the entirely burned out streetlights. If his car did get swiped, he could always hunt it down and steal it back, but what a hassle! As he headed for the entrance to the hotel, he noticed an extremely fancy car sitting out front. He wanted to gawk at it, but knew anyone here with a car that nice was a successful criminal of some sort, and he didn't want to run into someone from his past. There had been enough drama tonight.

In which Demetri looks down on SleepyTown's 2 star charm.

For all intents and purposes, that was a successful encounter. Jack easily spilled the beans about whatever that nonsense was, but what did it mean? --And why was he left with such an odd feeling? Of course it never felt good to have a lover upset with you, he'd been through that many times. Though, this seemed more extreme than the typical. Was he trying to accuse him of literally being a cannibal or some such? How bizarre! Or was that a strange Glennish idiom that he hadn't picked up over the centuries? 'Get anything from our hearts...' something was striking him very strangely, but he just couldn't make sense of it.
     'What Tomasz does...' What does that boy think he knows?
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     April 23rd, 2012
     By:  Kelly

Only a couple more pages until SOMETHING FREAKY CRAZY! It's going to be a great lead-in to the next chapter, which probably will be the scariest Kingfisher chapter ever. (Plus something sexy that people have been waiting for, of course. :)

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.


(Demetri sits in his car, rubbing his forehead and closing his eyes.)

DEMETRI: (THINKS) Oh Jack, does this place remind you of your childhood?


(He looks at the grimy exterior of Sleepytown.)

DEMETRI: (THINKS) Do you really prefer to live in a place like this?


(Jack walks in front of his car, pulling out his keys.)

DEMETRI: (THINKS) The show begins.


(Jack looks shocked as Demetri gets out of his car.)

DEMETRI: Jack. I need your help!


(Jack doesn't turn as Demetri walks up behind him.)

DEMETRI: Do you know something that could help us against Theodore?

JACK: Why should I help you?


(Demetri looks pleading and sensitive.)

DEMETRI: Fine, don’t help me, but what about Vitus? Tristan?


(Jack turns, outraged.)


(Jack angrily curls his fingers and yells at Demetri.)

DEMETRI: (THINKS) Shouldn’t I be glad that ploy worked?

JACK: Vitus and Tristan?! You know he said he’s not after them. Just you and the fucking progenitors, and who cares about that?!


(They argue.)

DEMETRI: I don’t know what he said. Enlighten me.


DEMETRI: You’ve spoken to him again?

JACK: Yeah? So what? Want to interrogate me again? It was so fun for you last time.


DEMETRI: You don’t agree with that madman?

JACK: Maybe I do! Like you’re so much better. How many times have YOU done it?


(Demetri folds his arms and looks up puppy-dog style while Jack yells at him.)

DEMETRI: Done what?

JACK: Don’t be fucking coy. I know what Tomasz does, I know what YOU do, I’m sure.


JACK: Is that why we kids were created? To be your food?!


(Jack begins to tear up.)

JACK: Is it just for kicks? We don’t have any power. You won’t get anything from our hearts except misery!


(He leaves, slamming the door.)


(Demetri looks hurt and confused.)

DEMETRI: ...”Hearts?”

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