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(Transcript and visual captions below}

     Demetri found his eyes wouldn't close as daylight finally struck Harlan. He just hated an unsolved mystery, especially one that seemed so easily within his grasp. He ran every possible theory through his head for hours, to no avail. The moment the sky dimmed to an acceptable level, he rang Vitus. The Sombreta flight from Glenland was now on an indeterminable hiatus.
       "Yes I know it's early and I'm sorry," he said, "I just need to check a detail with you-- how was Angela attacked again? How were the brutes going to try to dispatch our dear lady?"
       "Erm.. ugh.. a moment.. I need one.. a... moment, that is." Vitus made a lot of loud shuffling noises and his voice sounded even more comically flat than normal. Demetri imagined just briefly, that the scene he couldn't see was probably pretty cute with Vitus bed-head and all. What did that lad wear to sleep in? Ugh-- so distracted!
       "Ah yes," Vitus finally gathered himself, "it's so sad. They attacked her chest, which has her very upset about them trying to steal her heart like Inka. She's very poetic you know, talk about unfortunate, Gaston-Louis trying to steal her heart? Tragic."
       "I can't imagine why they're doing that, it's so inefficient," Demetri sighed, "why not just remove the head? They could do that without traipsing off with it."
       "I'm not sure honestly..."

Hearts... what were these fiends trying to do?

In which in soviet Harlan, Boobers watches YOU!

 The lights of the C-SIDE chemical plant's A-3 sector flickered briefly early in the night, but power was quickly restored. That sector had been leased by a private party for classified reasons, perhaps their staff weren't trained in how to not overload the delicate system.
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     April 23rd, 2012
     By:  Kelly

Uh oh, Demy, do you think that's a good idea? Sorry for the later than my usual daily lateness all, as you can see this was a deadly 5 rower. THERE WAS NO OTHER WAY! Thanks to Christopher for some delightfully gruesome flashback panels. Dragomir being a dick crack me up a lot in this one, and I love when girls do that thing that Fran's doing with her hair. Making a bun with pencils or chopsticks or whatever... because it's MAGIC! How do you do that? See you on Sunday-ish all, we're almost there...!

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.


(Francesca and Demetri talk in a fancy modern loft.)

DEMETRI : Fran, what do you think this heart business is about?


(Fran remembers a story about Dragomir's grisly cannibal past, he eats a human heart straight from the chest with knife and fork. Shocked villagers approach with torches.)

FRANCESCA : Maybe it’s a jab at Tomasz’s human past?


DEMETRI : Why not just mutilate prostitutes like Greyburn? Is cannibalism worse? I just don’t get it. We’ll have to ask the source, I suppose.


(A view of the chemical plant, green lights glowing in the distance.)


(Demetri and Fran approach the building outside, Fran looks concerned.)

FRANCESCA: Are you sure about this?

DEMETRI: Why not, dear sister?


(Fran recalls a gruesome memory. Tomasz is soaked in blood, and wiping a sword with a rag. He is partially monster-ized into bat-wolf form, emerging from two royal looking doors.)

YE OLDE TOMASZ : Penoli is no longer a monarchy!

FRANCESCA : I hate seeing him get angry.


(The two enter the plant, complex pipes weaving behind them.)

DEMETRI : Oh I’m sure it will be just fine.


(Tomasz derps out as Demetri and Fran approach, arms crossed.)

DEMETRI : We are concerned about the state of the Circle. Angela was attacked and barely escaped. We need your intervention, or at least guidance!


(Tomasz waves dismissively, he is watching tv, a pale colored flat monitor. )

TOMASZ: This will blow over eventually, remember what happened to ‘the Ring?’ That turned out okay.


(Behind Demetri is a medieval-styled depiction of Dragomir slaying the witch hunters. )

DEMETRI: ‘Okay?’ The group was murdered by witch hunters as they slept! You destroyed the attackers at the last moment, so you and I were the only survivors.


(Demetri is pissed, as Tomasz gets distracted watching 'Boobers.')

TOMASZ: Yes, you did survive somehow. Hid under a corpse, right?


DEMETRI: We all will die, and that’s fine? What good are you?!


(Tomasz is spaced out.)

TOMASZ: Teach a man to fish and... however that goes. I dunno.


TOMASZ: I’ve got important business to--

DEMETRI: Why does he go for the heart? What does that have to do with you?


(Tomasz looks annoyed and surprised. )


(Tomasz rolls his eyes and spills the beans.)

TOMASZ: Oh, so clever. Do you want a prize? I haven’t done it in years anyway. I was the one smart enough to figure it out, now everyone’s doing it. Pisses me off.


(Tomasz makes the biggest dick face ever. Demetri can't believe it.)

TOMASZ: It’s probably good you survived. I wouldn’ t want to be stuck with a bunch of faggoty memories! Yuck!

DEMETRI: What are you...?

TOMASZ: The Ring was full of hard workers. Working hard is for suckers.


(Demetri lets his hand fall on the top of the monitor, staring angrily. Tomasz looks away.)

DEMETRI: You... let them all die and...?!

TOMASZ: Wouldn’t want perfectly good hearts to go to waste, not my fault. Now go tend to the--


(Fran ducks out of the way as Demetri lifts the monitor in rage, Tomasz is unmoved.)

TOMASZ: Hello, I’m watching that.


(The lights dim as Demetri cracks Tomasz in the face with the television sending out a shower of broken glass and electrical sparks.)


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