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(Transcript and visual captions below}

       Thierry stepped alongside Vitus as their children were gathered to stand in front of the group. The two of them were friends of sorts, Vitus well used to Thierry's curmudgeonly ways after a century or more.
       "Ever wonder why the Crowboys don't just send a rocket through the window when we do this shit?" Thierry whispered.
       “I'm sure Dragomir has... Seemed awfully quiet out there tonight. Guess we shouldn't question why.”
Thierry rolled his eyes, “Yeah, guess YOU shouldn't question why, choir boy. Not all of us are patsies for the man.”
       “So you'll want to send your new man back eh? Wouldn't want to play into their game, it's just what they want...”
       “What!? No way. Ugh. Whatever.”
       “Thought so.”

In which cutting is just a job, murder is a career.

       "Wait, I thought you were in 'network solutions.'
       "No silly, that was 'strategic business solutions,' I thought 'market analyst' fits better on this card. It's got embossing, nice huh?"
       "So, do you actually do anything related to business?"
       "Oh sure! You know, networking, making connections... Um, synergy... teamwork? I do well for myself, don't worry. "
       "So how did hiring teenage delinquents fit in?"
       "Hmm? Why not? Fun for me, get some minor tasks taken care of, and of course, helping 'at risk youth!'"
       "Right, it was very risky. Could have been killed by vampires. That would've been terrible."

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     June 29, 2011
     By:  Kelly

Get yer votes in soon, by the time I update on Friday, the poll will be closed. Thank you so much to everyone who has voted, I promise that I consider every bit of feedback I get. I look forward to a crazy last second upset to the reigning champion. Jack and Demy fans, get going!
I've updated the Extras page with a super amazing fan art of Jack and Vitus by Lilly! Take a look at her Tumblr for this and her other excellent comics and drawings.

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.

DRAGOMIR : Greetings Circle! How does it feel to be the most powerful creatures in the city?

DRAGOMIR: Tonight we welcome the newest members of our family, so we may offer all of the Circle our highest respect and alliance.

DRAGOMIR: Jack Ballard to Sombreta - Darren Langley to Greyburn - Nicholas Simon to Lepponen - Tristan Yponcyk to Dragomir.

DRAGOMIR: Be sure to say hello to our new children!

THIERRY: My guy is totally badass, a killer for hire!

(SOMEONE, PROBABLY FRANCESCA): Man this new group is a total sausage fest.

FLORENCE: Ah, I thought I heard his name on Crimebusters...

THIERRY: "Nick the cutter!"

NICK THE CUTTER: That's not who I am, that's what I do...

FLORENCE: Then who are you?


DEMETRI: --and right into my trap!

DEMETRI: I jest... I can tell you're in no mood for trouble

DEMETRI: -just take this and call me sometime.

JACK: Oh, so that's what you do.

DEMETRI: Whatever that is, am I right? Haha...

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