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(Transcript and visual captions below}

       "I was thinking of asking you to dance, but perhaps it's still too soon." Demetri turned his head with a coy look.
       "Uh yeah. Pretty much--" Jack was about to continue with Demetri's list of crimes, when a small group of vampires approached.
       "Ah you haven't met Jack yet," Francesca pointed him out to a thin redhead, who pushed along a beautiful young man. The moment the redhead saw Jack, she rolled her eyes dramatically, looking to Demetri with an incredulous gape.
       "Yeah, way to be predictable Demy," she spoke in a sharp, but surprisingly young voice.
       "Can't vary your taste? I could lend you some magazines, expand your aesthetic..."
       "I've really no idea what you're talking about."

In which vampires don't get personal space.

       "Ah Lord Greyburn," Sarah smiled, she was the only Circle member who still referred to Aubrey by his ancient title. "Stylish as always I see. Your own design?"
       "A compliment from you means so much," Aubrey pawed Tristan who was mute with terror. "--but I just threw something together from some things in the cellar."
       "What is that wrap? It looks like the Clarvaux tapestries, an interesting print."
       "Hmm? Oh I really don't know, it was just some old thing."
       "Wait," Sarah leaned closer, "that is an actual tapestry. Probably very ancient and valuable, isn't it?"
       "Depends on what you value," Aubrey said blandly, massaging Tristan's throat.
       "True enough. What about those chains?" Sarah asked.
       "It's terribly stylish to be bound and encumbered this season."
       "Of course, how could I forget?"

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     July 6, 2011
     By:  Kelly

Christopher and I designed some overly elaborate outfits for everyone at this party. I'm going to have to make an illustration to show them off, there's not enough panels to show them off properly!

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.

FRANCESCA : Young Jack, meet our sister Sarah... This is Tristan, just born last night!

JACK: Um, nice to meet you..

SARAH: Say “hello.”

TRISTAN: H-hullo...

SARAH: Whatever. Close enough.

THIERRY: Sarah, meet my guy! He'd totally wreck your guy up, haha!

JACK: It’ll be okay...!

TRISTAN: Will it?!

SARAH: Tristan, to my side.

AUBREY: Ahh so soft...

AUBREY : How do you find death?

JACK: Um, as well as I can I suppose.

AUBREY: Ah, pretty one. You would be so easy to dress.

JACK: Huh?

AUBREY: I don't like mine. A grubby peasant, a fearful little barnfowl.

AUBREY: Look at these hands, unmarked by toil. Tender, smooth skin!

AUBREY: Oh unequal prizes... The elegant model, flashy thug, gentle aesthete... and for me? A calloused jester!

AUBREY: Ooh Sarah let me see your little man, his hair looks so soft...

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