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(Transcript and visual captions below}

Jack was irritated enough with Darren to strand him alone in the back seat, rather than having Vitus play chauffeur like earlier.
    "So I'm guessing this isn't going to cover the bargain." he said as they drove back to Helen's bar.
    "You've got it. The torment will never end. We're stuck with.... this problem until she gets bored or comes up with a new torture method."
    "Great, there's nothing I'd rather be doing than... this."
    "Tell me about it, I don't think either of us are going to have luck picking anyone up with... the um, problem."
    "I KNOW YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT ME." Darren yelled and then slumped in his seat like a defeated child.
    "...No we weren't." said Vitus.
    "Yeah! Ego much Mr. Rockstar?" Jack added, "We were talking about Helen's... dry cleaning."
Darren grasped at the air futilely, "YOU ARE BOTH LIARS AND I HATE YOU."

In which the comic is a nonstop erotic cabaret again.

       Tristan dressed while the eerie monster watched.
"Thanks I am a model, or that would bother me creepy-man." Tristan thought. Tomasz led him wordlessly down a winding corridor, to yet another part of the mansion Tristan had never been to. He was lucky if he could spend the night alone in bed, so he'd never explored the sprawling estate. He'd come to expect new and unusual types of horror, but this was the first time Dragomir had requested his audience alone, and loathed to think what 'lesson' he might be about to learn.

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     July 20, 2011
     By:  Kelly

One more page!!! Next comic is number 100, the end of Chapter 4, and the last comic before bonus madness. I thought I'd make up for the lack of sexitude and wickedness by jam packing a bunch into this page. By the way, I really like Silent Hill. Can you tell? Tee hee.

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.

HELEN : Oh sweetie! You look exhausted. Ask Charlotte for a snack, --If she’s not had anything to drink tonight.

HELEN: He doesn’t know how to feed himself yet so... Keep at it.

VITUS: Damned... We’re damned.

DEMETRI: 600 some years and you’re still not bored of this?

TOMASZ: Happily!

DEMETRI: There are pressing concerns...

TOMASZ: Go ahead! This is my board room.

DEMETRI: Two mercenary forces grow bored waiting for commands. Care to tell me what the hell we’re gearing up for?

TOMASZ: Nope! Let them be bored! It’s my money.

DEMETRI: --and my labor.

TOMASZ: Leave me! I’ve got more important things to do.

DEMETRI: Bravo Sarah.


TRISTAN: Ms.? Um.. S-sa--Ms. Sarah?

SARAH: Go eat something.

TRISTAN: I uh, I have bloods now... Not hungry.

SARAH: OK, give me your arm.

SARAH: NOW heal that, and go eat something. --and stop bothering me when I’m performing!

TOMASZ: Wake up, boy. I want to teach you.

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