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(Transcript and visual captions below}

       Theodore sat in the cozy enclosure of an all night café. Tall hedges surrounded the outdoor seating, shielding it from the sparsely populated street, which made it a good place to sit and contemplate. Koromo was still warm this time of year, and the plants didn't shrivel and die like they had in Glenland. He ordered some beverage or other, and was amused that it came with interesting accessories.
      What are these even for? Is that fruit? Do you put that in the glass? Does one drink from that curly part? How? What novelty!
Santi had promised to gather some friends to join them on the return trip to Glenland. What luck! Santi was a powerful ally despite his young age, and surely anyone who associated with him would be the cream of the crop. While he'd enjoyed whiling away the days relaxing and enjoying Santi's mysteriously endless supply of fresh blood, time was growing short. He had started to worry whether these unknown allies would be good enough. Who knew what preparations the Circle was making, would his efforts be enough? The kindly waitress returned, and wordlessly gave him a few sheets of paper and some colorful crayons.
      Wow! I never practiced on my arts much, but she must think me a creative type. How pleasant! You never see this hospitality in Glenland, they're always just asking about my parents. I suppose they don't know that they're a century dead, but it's not nice to remind me.

In which vampires are actually not very caliente.

 Jack realized with horror as he stepped into the hotel room, that he was alone. He hadn't even put it all together. The clown had said he had been waiting for him to be alone... He paced around the room for a few minutes, hoping his fear would subside. It was embarrassing to have to rely on Vitus for help, after he'd been so dismissive. He reached out with his senses, hoping to hear the sounds of a roommate coming home, but that swiftly devolved into trying to listen for signs of clowns. He desperately fumbled with his phone to call Vitus.
       "No one's here! Minchin can get me! What do I do?!"
       "Jack-- I'm driving.."
       "No! Don't-- please just talk to me!"
       "You know that Glennish federal law makes it a crime to talk on a phone while--"
       "Okay fine. Well, why not invite someone over?"
       "...That's a good idea, actually. But-- but what do I do before then? What if I see him again?! I'll just die-- I mean.. I-I.."
       "Be calm. Remember, he didn't hurt you before, right? Did he even touch you?"
       "See? It's just an illusion."
       "But what do I do!? He talks to me! Keeps telling me those jokes... He wants me to answer."
       "Why not answer then?"
       "OMG Vitus! You obviously haven't heard the story. If you answer, he GETS YOU! Just like when he killed people in real life."
       "Umm... don't answer then? I don't know. Oh no I'm going into a tunnel I think it might not, um... work--........click."
Jack frowned at the phone "...Where is there even a tunnel around here?"

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     July 30th, 2012
     By:  Kelly

Ahhh so, I have to tell you guys something -- the other day when I had my comicking disaster, I discovered that I'd forgotten to script a very important event so this chapter will be significantly longer than the usual 22 pages. I hope you don't mind, it's the sort of thing that annoys me a lot. But, the end of the chapter will be the most crazy/evil ever and something fun and sex-tastic is going to happen pretty soon. Only four pages until the 200th comic! I have some fun things planned for the festivities. :)

             TRANSCRIPT:  This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.


(On a warm Koromo night, Theodore sits at a table with a coloring page, some crayons, and an untapped tropical drink.)

THEODORE: (Thinks) So little time before we must leave-- --and I still have no assistant.


(Theodore espies a woman nearby reading a book.)


(A closeup of the book reveals that it is about a "Vampiro Caliente," apparently a translation of Elsinor P. Spot.)


(Theodore approaches the lady, assuming she is vampire-friendly.)

THEODORE: Olá! Você gosta de vampiros?

LADY: ¿Eh? Yo no hablo Koroman.

THEODORE: Ah, a Kastanian on holiday...

LADY: ¿Dónde está tu mamá, niño?


(Angela and Vitus discuss Jack's situation while he stands in the background looking scared.)

ANGELA: (Whispered to Vitus) Honestly, I don't sense anything else.

VITUS: (Whispered to Angela) But the balloon...

ANGELA: (Whispered to Vitus) Nothing supernatural required for that.

VITUS: (Loud enough for Jack to hear) Uh, sorry. We couldn't find anything, Jack.


(They start to drive away with Jack in the back seat.)

JACK: I can't sit here! HE was sitting here!

VITUS: Oh. Uh, Angela?


(Rearranged, Jack rides in the passenger seat and Angela makes a sour face in the back seat.)

VITUS: --Anyway, are you sure Darren wasn't playing a mean trick? Greyburns can create illusions.

JACK: C'mon, he's not that cool.

VITUS: ...What about Theodore?


JACK: He'd never do that!


JACK: It wasn't a trick, anyway! It really happened, I swear! I let Minchin in and now he's after me!

VITUS: Hmm. I think it was Darren.



(Darren is in a garage with Paolo, Heroin Harry, and instruments. Paolo is making childish enthusiasm gestures.)

DARREN: Yeah, Paolo can join in since it's his garage, I guess. Don't go thinkin' we're BFFs.


(They ready to play - Harry on drums, Paolo on bass, Darren on guitar.)


DARREN: Alright, give me something heavy as fuck.


(Back with the others, Vitus waves good-bye to Jack. He's in the distance with Sombreta.)

VITUS: We'll figure this out!

JACK: (Grumbled quietly) Yeah right.


ANGELA: He's gone mad. It doesn't make any sense at all.

VITUS: A vampire can't go mad after death... I think. It seems someone is deceiving him. I wish we could help...



(Allison and Thierry are in a candle-lit ritual chamber. Thierry is stripped to the waist, Allison looks cross.)

THIERRY: Oh bebe, please?


THIERRY: Pleeeease?



(Thierry dons a mask resembling a horned skull.)

THIERRY: Look! I'm half-naked myself, does it not put you at ease? Demons are attracted to nudity...!

ALLISON: I hope it sets your nipples on fire.

THIERRY: So cruel.

ALLISON: Nice mask. You shouldn't take it off.


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