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(Transcript and visual captions below}

Chris tried to wrestle from his attacker's bony arms, but to his shock, Jack suddenly let him go. Chris spun around in a frantic search for the door. Jack's eyes gleamed creepily in the dim light.
       "Sorry, please-- don't go."
Somehow, Chris found his desire to escape bleeding away. Ugh, why was he such a sucker for these macabre beauty types? (Not that he usually got a chance to be a sucker for them... Ehh..)
       "I didn't mean to scare you," Jack said, seeming a bit more calm but with an intense, inscrutable look. (Pleading? Is he really pleading for me to stay? Aww! Wait--)
       "--I just... I need someone right now."
Chris felt himself make some dorky soulful face, and nodded.


       Damn, I didn't know 'need someone' meant 'need someone to watch the Beat re-runs with all night. Sheesh!
A couple hours later, the hotel room was bathed in the light of the TV and dawn was approaching. Jack was silent, curled up in a blanket on a tacky plastic chair, and hardly watching the show. Chris stood slowly, trying to be casual.
       "So uh, I really should--"
       "No! Please stay! Just until one of my roommates gets home." Jack sounded a bit hoarse and desperate.
Chris sunk back down, imagining what sort of creative ways his body parts would be traded among pale glamorous murderers. He tried to enjoy the wise-cracking detectives making puns about corpses, but they were hitting a little too close to home.
Jack's eyes fluttered closed as the sky continued to lighten. Would he live another day after all?


In which my jokes have the same effect on people :(

      Tristan took a few moments to remember why he was waking up in a car. The garage was dim and nearly empty. He felt pretty good as he stretched and stepped out of the convertible, his motorcycle parked neatly beside. Jack had been so cranky lately that he didn't want to wake him up, and the car was just as comfortable when you were dead. Maybe he'd go for a walk before he went back to the hotel. It was a nice, crisp winter day and the air felt like it might snow again.

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     August 8th, 2012
     By:  Kelly

I'll tell you a tale of woe, my friends. Saturday and Sunday were record breaking temperatures in Seattle, while not nearly as hot as the rest of the United States has been suffering with, it is rough on us because we're not used to it! Anyhow, I was struggling to finish the comic in the heat, what with taking cold showers several times a day. (Remember how much I hate summer?) Suddenly as I was making good progress on the comic-- the screen went dark. The power was out. It came back on almost immediately, but I lost about two hours of drawing and had to start over. :( I flipped out, but went back to work and... it went out again. I had saved this time luckily, but was annoyed. Just as I got Photoshop open... the power went out. I flipped metaphorical tables and said NO MORE! Thus the unfortunate lateness. To make up, there will be another comic on Friday. I hope you will join me in the candlelight vigil to end summer forever, BEFORE IT KILLS AGAIN!!

             TRANSCRIPT:  This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.


(Chris creeps away from Jack, who sleeps in front of the TV.)

CHRIS:Heyyy I’m just gonna... Yeahhh...

JACK: ...

TV: This week on ‘the Beat’... DUN DUN


(Allison and Thierry sleep.)


(Darren and Heroin Harry gather flies as they sleep.)


(Tristan drives a motorcycle, a pink haired girl in a crop top rides on the back.)

PINK HAIRED GIRL: Why are you going all slow now?

TRISTAN: Uhh the sun... I get kind of tired.

(Quieter) *sigh* Jack so much lighter...


(Minnie the Kastanian carries Theodore's bags as they walk through an airport in the early morning.)

MINNIE: I’m gonna be your I.T., why I’m carrying your bags?

THEODORE: I.T.? Oh. Yes, those... video-computers... Certainly.

MINNIE: Video-computers? Uf, how backwards ees Glenland?


(Theodore waves to Santi, standing with a group of presumed vampires.)

THEODORE:I’m just a bit tired right now, Minnie. I can’t think--Santi! Santi! There they are!


(Santi smiles, his tired eyes hidden behind sunglasses.)

SANTI: Theodore! We’ve no time for introductions now, we can talk during the flight. Suffice to say, we’re all thrilled for this opportunity.


SANTI: I’ve never been to the Glennish Isle.

THEODORE: Oh it’s great! You’ll have so much fun.

SANTI: Hahaha I’m sure I will...


(The small, private airplane waits in the morning light.)


(Later, in Harlan, the sun sets.)


(Jack wakes up alone, illuminated by the television.)


(Jack stands, panicked.)

JACK: H-hey-- Tristan? Is anyone home?


(Someone speaks off screen, and Jack sighs with relief.)



JACK: Omigod I was so scared I was alone! Must've slept in. I’m so glad you’re here!


(Jack stops, stunned, blood trickling from his eyes, nose and mouth.)


(Minchin has emerged from the door, head and shoulders. Jack's face is streaming with blood.)

MINCHIN: Thanks for the warm welcome, kid! Hey, have ya heard this one...

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