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(Transcript and visual captions below}

     This is your hubris Chris, you bring it on yourself. It's like that fable about the golden... egg... or rabbit? Whatever-- It's like, you can't just let things be! The hottest guy who's let you talk to him since... ever, and then oh, look! His even hotter friend comes up! You can't just be all, oh hey whatev yeah dude, you're like OMG OMG OMG! So you end up with nothing.
     Even if you'd handled that situation, another even hotter guy would probably come up, a never ending string of endlessly hotter and hotter guys until it's like-- Jerry Hardman from Lucky Raiders asking if you wanna have casual sex. UGH! Those two guys are probably laughing their skinny asses off at the midget who was trying to hit on them. They'll have some good yucks and then go home and have the hottest gay sex ever. ...Wait... Where was I going with this?
     Oh yeah-- hot people are evil! Never again man... I'll just tell my friends I had a case of the life-ending embarrassment and go home.

In which you fill in the 'in the closet' joke.

         The fight in the other end of the house had died down considerably by the time the dregs made their way to Vitus' neck of the woods, most of the participants were underage and when the cops who had been called an hour ago finally showed up they scattered. (At least the ones that were still conscious.) Vitus was finally involved in a half way decent conversation and didn't want it to end to follow around pathetic Darren's feeble exploits in romance.
         "I'll check back in a bit... Jack and Tristan are probably off... doing whatever kids think is fun. The video machines or... candy?
...I should really read more contemporary literature."

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     August 28, 2011
     By:  Kelly

Just in case you're wondering, I don't hate hipsters or anything. Some of my worst friends are hipsters! I jest. I'm not friends with them. *drum roll* Stuff's crazy here, Christopher and I are moving so everything's insane. I get out of doing any work because I "have" to "work" on "my" "comic." Bahahaha. (Not playing the Sims or anything, that's for sure!!!!!!) Oh PS the next update is pretty cool, I'm doing something experimental again! (Similar to how I did the bonus, but with less boobs, sry)

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.

CHRIS : (thinks) Forget about it! Out of your league anyway.

CHRIS: (thinks) Gonna meet a nice chubby dude with stubbly facial hair, settle down and have kids!

CHRIS: (thinks) Now disappear like you never existed...

CHRIS: (thinks) Did some fratties get loose again!?

CHRIS: Yipe!

MEAN HIPSTER : I could lift this guy, I need a projectile!

JACK: You’re safe now.

JACK: Quick, in here.

JACK: So I'm in a hurry, do you want to make out?

CHRIS: Yebb? Uhhh huhb?!

PAOLO : Wow guys you gotta try Dr. Kruger’s Horseradish Bio-Cleanse, I’m on week two and--

DEMURE LADY : Oh I just love a guy who’s interested in post-modern sociology!

VITUS: So do I-- I mean yes. Hi there.

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