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(Transcript and visual captions below}

     Jack met Tristan in a quiet back corner of someone's expansive yard, several blocks away from the dying party. He was surprised how quickly Tristan had finished, and found him completely tidy, as though he had not been brawling just a half an hour earlier.

Something by himself... He has to finish someth--


OH. OH?!



       "Your house is that strict?! You can't even-- what are they, serious Goddites?"
Tristan looked confused and a little irritated at the last part.
     "Huh? Ugh, don't talk about God stuff--"
     "--I just want to feel grass on my bare feet."
Tristan smiled shyly, "Yeah, look here is still on my sock... Grass. There is nice yard over here, not so many embarrass people. I like outside stuff. There is nice moon and the sky tonight, pretty. Still too many people sounds, but better. Like my home. I like to feel with plants and not old vampire building."
     Jack tried to not stare at him. "…Wow. Were you this magical when you were alive?"
     "No. I don't have magic before."
     ".........COUGH. Um, anyway..."
     "Sorry I don't invite you, I thought maybe you will think I am stupid country guy. Hadden is not very smart to Glanland. But... you don't stop my speaking. You know..."
     He looked Jack over. Jack felt high-school levels of self consciousness at being appraised.
     Finally, after an awkward moment Tristan continued,
"You're reminding me of model."
     "Yeah! It's good. That's why I like you."
     "Uh huh. I know lots of models."
Jack felt a bit bashful, "You think I could be a model too?"
     "Oh yeah sure! You are classic sexy like Dieter Eksfolksen!"
     "I don't mean for look though, when I say it. When you model, you know many people from other places. We go other countries, maybe don't know to speak there. Me, not great for Glannish. Worse for others. But we are nice and we get along even if we don't talk. We play game or something, or maybe know one language we both do. Anyway, you are nice to me even when I'm scary at a party. Or nice to mean Darren, because we are stuck like that too, together. "
    Jack smiled and felt a bit emotional. It was true, no one was in a more similar position to him than Tristan. Yet, he knew he had it much better than the younger man. Vitus was no slave driver, and Tristan had to live with not only that little lamb Sarah, but Demetri and the great beast Dragomir himself. That couldn't possibly be fun. He wasn't sure what to say in response, so he smiled and nodded.
     "You understand?" Tristan confirmed, "OK... Hey, we are friends, OK?"
     Jack laughed, "Yeah! OK."
     "Good! I don't have friends now. I am dead."
     "Yeah. Me too. Vitus is nice though."
     "Yeah he is nice but I wonder is he thinking mean thoughts? He doesn't make a face. Creepy. Like a doll man. But I believe you. Demy is nice man, he has a face usually."
     Jack giggled at that horror movie concept then calmed himself. "I don't think Demy is a nice man."
     "Why? He helps me... I can use computer and I get to go outside tonight. Demy did that. He said to me that Jack is nice and I go to be with him and have fun. And he's right!"
     "… Huh..."
     "Well he said you know him for a long time, I don't know anything. I am just here and he is nice to me right now, so you know... Jack probably is better at Demy."
A moment passed silently until Tristan looked thoughtful and cocked his head.
     "Hey if you are hungry still, I can share. I always get too much and I feel weird."
Jack thought a moment.
     "Um, heh, ok..."


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     August 31, 2011
     By:  Kelly

Yay! I've really wanted to include more conversations in the comic but they take a million billion years to do in comic format. Do you like? I like writing them, and it gives a good chance to show more of the characters without having to draw them making subtle expressions 10,000 times. The bonuses seemed to go over well so I thought I'd chance including it in the regular plot continuum.
    I'm moving this month, I am currently writing this on my computer but in a different apartment, but not the one I will end up in. Crazy! I also start school again this month, so I'm going to work hard to keep things consistent here. Please be understanding and remember that I-I-I wiiiill allwayyyss lovee youuuu! (ooh ooh.) (It's true, I had to.) (Sorry for getting that stuck in your head.)

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