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Jack lazed with Darren for a few days, and found that his wounds were slower to heal than usual. The superficial ones were slowest of all, much to his annoyance as he shaved around tiny cuts and scrapes. Maybe it had something to do with the trauma. Maybe it bothered him more than he thought, being betrayed by someone who was supposed to care about you.Who pretended to care about you, at least. Or maybe they were just being too lazy to go get fresh blood and the stuff in the fridge was getting all sludgy. Eugh.

In any case they were in desperate need of carpet shampoo and he needed to get out of the house. He could just bundle up and at worst he'd just look like a stylish methhead. Maybe a walk would do him good, as long as he didn't get mauled by a clown or shot by a former friend. ...Well, he really needed that carpet shampoo.

In which Allison's gonna take you down to clown town.

As the concert below them wound down, Allison pushed Thierry to put some damn shoes on so they could do something for once. She knew he had more power than he let on, hell he was one of the older vampires in their weird vampire society. (Which was kind of skeevy, he was really immature at least.) It was about time they did something, other than him failing to lay the mack down and her feeling useless and confused. It was time to act, and first stop was clown town.
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     October 9th, 2014
     By:  Kelly

Sorry so slow, as the saying goes, it was the best of times, it was the tremendously shittiest of times.

Good - I went to super super fantastic concert by one of my favorite bands, Trust. (TR/ST) (Which inspired a panel on today's comic!) It was ideal, getting drunk with this town's other 5 goths, and the band played all my faves. The crowd danced just enough, but not so much as to be annoying, and the ubiquitous macho punk dickholes of Seattle were nowhere to be seen. I say as a former punk, I'm sick of those fuckers. They even ruined a Shonen Knife show for me. Someone even apologized for jostling me! Afterward C and I went to a bar where they played decent music and everyone sang along to Depeche Mode. (???) Anyway I really recommend you check Trust out, you'll like them if you like stuff like Austra, Grimes, Goldfrapp, Ladytron, the Knife etc. Go see them if they come to your town, (the Mexico City stop seems like a hot ticket.)

Bad - As is my life, something awful happened on the way there. Someone stole my bag on the bus, including some important valuables, like my ipod, and my 10 year old headphones that I've loved so dearly. And that comes right after my trusty Wacom tablet gave me a heart attack by shorting out briefly. That thing is old enough to be attending high school, and this is the first time it's ever acted up. I have a new one on the way but I'm feeling mad traumatized you guys. I like my old technology and I'm losing all my faves in such short order. And it's my favorite month of the year, whyyyy... ;_;



       TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.


(The rain falls hard on a humdrum Jack, disheveled and carrying one bag.
Colorful posters line the telephone poles and the air is thick with humidity.)


(Karl comes up from behind Jack and reaches out a hand.)

KARL: Hey! Jack?


(Somehow he has surprised the vampire. Jack is appalled by the circum-
  stance, and still looking a bit mangled. At least he has his eyeballs now.

KARL:Hey! I’m sure you’re busy but I was in the--

JACK: Ahh!! How’d you find me?!


(Karl does awkward charm thing while quietly furious Jack glares at his treacherous phone.)

KARL: Uhh I used the GPS on Thrustr....

JACK: Shit. I forgot to log out.


(Karl is sensitive express'n.)

KARL: I didn’t mean to bother you, it’s just been a little while. Are you okay?


(Jack buries his head in a starry scarf and looks away.)

JACK: Yeah, but I have the biggest zit ever in the universe so you don’t want to look. I’m on an emergency run for um, zit... stuff. Bye.


(Karl looks appropriately jilted. Play it cool, man.)

KARL: Oh... okay...?


(An electronical music show plays at Rafflesia, while we hear Allison and Thierry's conversation from off panel...)

ALLISON: Maybe we didn’t exorcise him hard enough?

THIERRY: Exorcism is an all or nothing thing, bebe.


(...so far off panel that they lounge upstairs on a fancy antique couch.)

THIERRY: This is important
to you?

ALLISON: Yeah. He was the first person to help me. What kind of friend am I if I can’t help him when he needs it?


(Thierry is trying to be sweety boy, but surly Allison ain't havin' it.)

THIERRY: Aw, you’re my friend bebe! Don’t cry...

ALLISON: I’m not a ‘bebe’ and I’m not crying, but you might be soon.


(Now Allison's look says she has an idea she like, and Thierry's face has fallen. No accord yet.)

THIERRY: I can find spirits but I can’t guard against nerds with guns, mon amie.

ALLISON: But if we get rid of that clown for good, that’d be a start! Then we’ll kick nerd asses. Oh and let’s save Tristan!


(Negotiation continues - Thierry annoyed, Allison non-amorously solicitous.)

THIERRY: Do you understand how much I hate doing work?

ALLISON: I’ll stop changing the wifi password to ‘floppy dongs’

THIERRY: Don’t say it if you don’t mean it.

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