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(Transcript and visual captions below}

        "Looks like you're doing a little better," Demetri said. He and Jack sat on the patio, the rain had lightened but it was still damp and miserable. Rain trickled down the gutter like a leaky faucet and fat raindrops dribbled from the awning.
        "I guess so," Jack ran his finger along his facial scars, rough as craggy wood. "I still look like crap, and it's impacting my love life."
        "Hm. Well, give it another day or two."
        "Are you certain that dickhole isn't going to ambush me again?"
        "Vitus? He got a lucky shot. Eh, so to speak. But I've talked to him, he'd be a fool try try another pathetic move like that. It'll never happen again, you have my word."
        Jack sunk in his seat. "Oh golly, got a lot of reason to trust your word. "
Demetri gave him the classic wry smile/eyeroll combo, "I've earned that. Anyway I'm just glad to see you as okay as is possible. You can't imagine how that made me feel, seeing you like that."
        Jack thought of a thousand snide comments, but kept them inside. "...Thanks. I'm glad someone cares at least."

In which Allison is up to bat.

        "Something else on the agenda. Besides, the uh, current mission." Thierry said.
        "Oh, springing Tristan from the pokey?"
Thierry pointed to a non-plussed Demetri. "How's that sound? Get that Tristan kid free, we'll find the clown. We scratch your back,
et cetera et cetera."
        "You want me to convince my spoiled little sister to let go of her prized possession? Ha, I don't think you understand how--"
        "You want us to find an invisible clown that your ass hasn't found yet and has no clue how to find."
        "Duly noted. It's a deal." Demetri ducked around a corner, and batted out into the misty sky before the terms could change into something even more unfavorable; he was really off his game lately. At least that was one thing off the to-do list.
Thierry waved fingerguns at Allison with a self satisfied whistle. "Oh yeah. Two for one and it fell right in my lap."
        "I guess but you still have to do the one thing."
        "And it's gonna be really hard probably and what are we gonna do if we find this clown? Are we gonna fight a ghost clown demon monster? How do you even do that? Do you even know how to fight? I've never seen you fight, so, that's probably not good."
        Thierry groaned and slumped against the patchy brick wall. "It's a good thing I like you...r style. And what have you. God damn it let's just do this already."
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     November 11th, 2014
     By:  Kelly

Eugugh I had uncharacteristically bad writer's block for this page. It was almost entirely done two weeks ago, I decided I hated it and redid it. It's still not mondo exciting but it gets the job done and I think the coming pages might get a little more action packed.

I hope you guys all had a swell Kingfishermas, we had a surprisingly decent time. You mighta noticed the new store link, I designed some t-shirts! You guys have mentioned different things you wanted on a t-shirt, so I'm gonna keep making new ones. Feel free to drop some ideas in the comments.


            TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.


(Demetri taps at Jack's sliding glass door cheerfully. Jack is in the middle of taking off his shirt when surprised, still looks abused & bandaged.)

DEMETRI: Knock knock Uncle Demy again...


(Jack's naked back shows wounds as well, while he turns to face Demy.)

JACK: ‘Uncle Demy?’ Seriously?

DEMETRI: Sorry, old habits.


(Demetri makes the friendliest face foreva.)

DEMETRI: I know it won’t mean much, but I’m going to do everything I can to help you.

Please accept my promise, I’ll do everything I can, and I will be looking out for you. Get well soon, love.


(Outside the glass now, we see Demy has turned into a bat and is flying away. Jack doesn't care.)


(He closes the curtains.)


(Thierry and Allison walk the streets at night along the boulevard of whatever.)

ALLISON: Where do we even start?

THIERRY: That’s why I never start things.


(A bat swoops near them, with Allison noticing.)


(She gives that bat a whack.)



(The bat does that cute/creepy screech face as it hits the wall.)


(Hey it was Demetri, and he looks cool. Allison is unimpressed but not hostile.)

DEMETRI: Well good evening to you too.

ALLISON: My bad.


(Demy makes an imploring gesture while Thierry looks cross.)

DEMETRI: Getting to the point, Can I ask a favor of you young--


DEMETRI: It’s about Jack!


(Demetri is rocking his best altruism face while Allison and Thierry have some negotiatin' to do.)

DEMETRI: I need you to find that evil clown... thing. Please, it’s imperative for his safety!

THIERRY: I’m not-- wait. Allison. What was that thing you wanted?

ALLISON: To rock out forever and destroy society.

THIERRY: Think shorter term.

ALLISON: What like, tomorrow?

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