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(Transcript and visual captions below}

      Jack walked up several flights of stairs, Demetri just out of sight, but his trail easy to follow. There was still quite a while until the show began. The few patrons milled about, looking for their seats and trying their hardest to be erudite.
       Jack was anxious about what this terrible 'surprise' could be. All surprises since he'd died had been pretty dreadful.
He neared the top; Demetri waited for him with his eyes glinting in the dimmed light. A quick memory of the previous night's activities and he felt weird and uncomfortable all over again. It had been so strange, well, kind of hot too --but really strange. Demetri always treated him like a kid, so to do that with him...? Ughh... weird.
       I can't imagine any good is going to come of this night...

In which children are always jumping out of windows.
       Demy trudged away from the window, shaking his head. Someone screamed something about a suicide; he hardly noticed.
Igor approached, acknowledging the shattered window and commotion both in and outside.
       "Sorry man, he didn't dig it?"
       "That's rough. Hey, is that like your little dude? Your like, lover-man?"
       "I don't think I'll require your service any longer tonight, Mr. Fuentes."
       "Oh, whatever. I already got paid so I don't--wait--oh shit this wasn't like, a sex thing? I don't swing that--"
       "--Goodbye Igor."
       "I mean he kinda looks like a chick and if you guys didn't like, do--"
       "Oh yeah yeah I got it. Hey let's talk about that merger this weekend, bro!"
Demy walked off muttering to himself "...which of my businesses is he involved with, and how quickly can I sell it...?"
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     October 12, 2011
     By:  Kelly

Bahaha we're so close to that crazy thing-- more crazy things to come before it though. By the way, if you're confused, all these 'new' characters have been in the comic previously. We are coming up on the one year anniversary of the Kingfisher. (Halloween) So crazy! I'm going to have a special treat for you, and especially for Vitus Whitestone fans. ;D

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.

DEMETRI: I‘ve an important lesson for you tonight.

DEMETRI: Do you recall your first night as a vampire?

JACK: How could I forget?

JACK: It's only been a few weeks--

DEMETRI: --How did you feel?

JACK: How do you think? Waking up to realize you're a murderer--

DEMETRI: --Aha, exactly. So you’d say that the Circle forced you to kill?

JACK: Well, yeah?

DEMETRI: Now that you've killed on your own, I want you to consider this... Did the Circle really force you to do anything? You met this fellow at a party once...

DEMETRI: Remember Igor Fuentes?

IGOR: Heyyy there-- Whoa. Sorry dude, thought you were a chick for a sec.

AKIKO: Arsonella, what’s wrong?

ARSONELLA: Um... I dunno. Something... familiar.

AKIKO: That guy from the Belfries?

ARSONELLA: Look at him Akiko.

DARREN: it’s just not the same...

ARSONELLA: He hasn’t blinked in like.. five minutes.

AKIKO: Whoa... yeah... I see what you mean.

DEMETRI: It was a difficult recovery. You really did a number.

JACK: Is this a sick joke?! He.. he lived?!

DEMETRI: One less ‘murder’, right? Whatever that means.

DEMETRI: Does a cat feel guilty for eating the bird? It’s our nature, Jack.

JACK: All this time you knew...! --and you didn’t tell me!

DEMETRI: I thought it would be a fun surprise. I didn’t know you’d go and kill on your own, naughty boy!

DEMETRI: Learn from this! A beast you are lest a beast you-- ..I forget how that goes.. doesn’t make any sense that way now does it?


DEMETRI : Oh Jack! Stop being such a child!

DEMETRI : Impetuous boy.

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