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(Transcript and visual captions below}

      The sun was just dimming into a burnt orange smear. Tomasz kicked at a bloody rag on the floor and a human servant scuttled over to clean the grisly mess. Bicycle spokes littered the ground, clotted with gore, along with several sets of pliers that were used to extract them. Who'd have thought they'd get stuck so well?
      "So, he didn't know anything." Francesca said dryly.
      "Apparently not." Tomasz shrugged with a hint of whimsy. Demetri had gathered up the bundle of ruined boy to dress and care for, leaving smears of blood around the corner and out the hall.
      "Honestly, this was just a waste of time, wasn't it? How would that kid hide some great conspiracy without us knowing?" Fran wasn't especially moved by the scene, just irritated at spending the day standing around.
      "You never know. What about that Leighton? He was once a young one too."
Fran shook her head. "If that's what happens to 'young ones,' I'd just love to see where Demy's little boy ends up in a century or so. The world will be in flames."
      "Haha, you think he'll live a century?"

In which Jack just can't stay gore-free.

As Jack plunged through the air, he realized he felt more weightless than normal. He glanced about as he hurtled through the night sky to parts unknown, and noticed that he couldn't even see himself, just odd plumes of dust and smoke.
     "Hm. Never did that before..." he thought dimly, before the pure feelings of rage and escape consumed him again.

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     November 23, 2011
     By:  Kelly

I got a wild hare and sort of redid this page, which means I will have to pull some wacky hijinks to keep the story in order, but it will happen! There should be a fun treat on Friday. Yeah, I decided the comic needed more naked Jack. Bahahaha. By the way, that weird thing Jack does at the bottom is a power no one has seen since Chapter 2! (Vitus turned into a little dust devil at some point if I recall.) And what's with those lamps? Shoddy wiring? :B

All U.S. readers, have a good holiday! I will be slaving on NanoWrimos and comics, but will have more food than normal. :D

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.

DEMETRI:  Ohh mon petit... Life for us will never be fair, less so than even for humans. I am sorry for that, mon beau petit.

DEMETRI: Oh sweetie, don’t be dead!

DEMETRI:  There... Did you feel that? The sun just went down. See? Feel better? Let’s get you dressed.

DEMETRI:  I wish you would just speak to me... Jack, I know there’s nothing I can say... I’m so truly sorry.

DEMETRI:  You know I can’t do anything, we all have no choice in these matters. Find it in your heart to forgive me. I never meant for any of this to happen.

DEMETRI: Please, drink. It’s the very least I can offer.

JACK: No! Don’t touch me!

DEMETRI:  Jack? I... please... Try to understand.

DEMETRI: How did--

JACK: Don’t EVER touch me again.

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