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(Transcript and visual captions below}



       The elder vampires settled into a lounge to talk now that night had fallen and everyone was more comfortable. At least, as much as that was possible. Everyone was feeling that lost day of sleep. Vitus looked like a nervous rabbit, still wearing his pajamas from however long ago.
       "Is he okay? What's going on... I haven't heard anything for a while..."
       "The kid?" Fran looked blank, "Demy's cleaning him up, you can take him home shortly."

       Vitus had long since convinced Tristan to go take a nap. It was just too terrible to have a visual reminder of the horrors happening behind that door. Tristan rolling his big blue eyes around and futilely trying to plug his ears. Vitus learned more than a century ago that plugging your ears did nothing to block the horrors from a vampire's senses.
       It didn't occur to him until later that he could have used that one little Sombreta trick to dull the sound. Was it really not bothering him as much as he thought? He'd always thought of himself as so keenly sensitive, but it seemed like Tristan was taking it much worse than he was. Had he grown so callous?

         Sarah lolled about in her night-shirt, she'd finally decided to get a little more dressed.
       "So did you notice that Theod- um, Leighton, he smelled... different? Like, I hardly recognized him," she said to Francesca with a disinterested air.
       Fran nodded, "He didn't smell like a Kellgren. How is that even possible?"
       "--I just don't understand," Vitus interjected, "who is this guy? So Jack met him, and you all know him, but I've never even heard of him before."
       "Before your time," Sarah seemed too weary to even look smug, "one of Kellgren's kids. The youngest, I think. Last I saw him, he was probably about as old as your little Jack."
       "Kellgren? Who's that?" Vitus asked, feeling like more of a child than he had for a few decades at least.


         "Don't worry about it, he's just some thug. It's nothing to get upset over." Dragomir seemed rather laissez-faire about the whole thing. He leaned back in his chair, putting his blood-stained and gnarled feet up on the antique coffee table.
Vitus raised an eyebrow, "Err... well if it's nothing to worry about, why the whole um, interrogation then?"
       "I've maintained order in this city for more than a hundred years. Don't question my tactics, son. I have my reasons. "
Tomasz still wore the same mildly bemused expression he'd seemed to have had the whole night. Vitus didn't reply but wondered with some revulsion if the amusement had come from the day's activities.
       "Wait... 'Just some thug?'" Fran had a fierce and slightly disturbed look in her dark eyes.
"You didn't see what he did! Honestly, it was like he was just playing around. I doubt he even got a scratch. He didn't bother to transform, or anything. How does some little dandy 200 or more years my junior do that? "





Dragomir chuckled. "Oh pshh. I’m sure if you were in better shape it would have been no problem."
       "You know that you two ladies aren't exactly in good fighting trim. How long has it been since you fought?"
       "Are you kidding me? At least once a week Demetri and I--"
       "Yes your little martial arts class with brother Demy. I'm sure Demetri doesn't want to hurt your feelings. He wants to give you something to feel proud about. Something to, hmm... occupy your mind?"
       "..." Fran's eyes were getting larger as the Tomasz continued.
       "This Leighton is just some punk brat-- a disgruntled youth. He caught you two by surprise and made you feel embarrassed. Don't worry about it! One of the men can go out tonight and roust him, no problem!"


  ".....FFFFFffffffffffff...... ine."


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     November 26, 2011
     By:  Kelly

Hey everyone, look! It's the Kingfisher's first decimal point page. This is a bit I cut from the last page to make room for more nakedies. This way I get a bit more chatter in too. I like disheveled Vitus in his jammies, heehee... I think Christopher was happy because he likes drawing Francesca, and got to draw her doing an almost 'rage comic' face.

I hope you US peeps enjoyed your holiday. I got too drunk and got emotional about sweet commenters. :D <3

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