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(Transcript and visual captions below}

     Theodore hardly could sleep all day, he eagerly awaited Blockhead, who was instructed to tell him the moment anyone drove to the gates of the carnival. He was all set with a variety of exciting new weapons. It never happened... He was so disappointed. This was the last day in the funhouse before Blockhead had the task of moving house to their new location.
     What a waste! They really don't expect much of me, do they?
Just before he set out for the night's fun, Blockhead mumbled something about some cops wandering around. It took Theodore about two seconds to convince them to leave. Apparently, they didn't find anything. --And what were they looking for anyway? Where is this? What?
Theodore pouted a bit, Just police-men? Humans?! What must they think of me?!

In which Theodore could have just texted him.

     The cluster of spiders drifted slowly on the wind, slower than he did in his humanoid form. Theodore loved it when his consciousness could split this way, hundreds of eyes all seeing different things, but sharing the same thoughts.
     Our Lord God is truly amazing..
He pondered a moment, before realizing that all of him were heading to the water below.
     No! Drat! Oh my foolish impertinence! Wait... Don't I have something for this? Some... thingie... oh what was it?
He felt out his own mind, and recalled an old trick. A north-eastern wind blew by and the spiders scattered on it, safe from the time-wasting, languid waters of Harlan bay.
     Good! I forgot about that one, how handy. Can I...?
A south-western wind blew as well, and scattered half of the spiders in the other direction. Soon he was spreading out over the city in tiny, many-legged form.
     Time to get the latest gossip! all of him thought.

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     November 27, 2011
     By:  Kelly

Haha... oh Theo. The next page will be fun, it's a bit like that Tristan story from last chapter where the comic explodes all over the page. I'll check in with EVERYONE! (Well, mostly.) I'll be glad to draw some people we haven't seen in ages. BTW I'm so not going to finish my NaNo... and I am crying bitter tears about it. ;O; Oh well.

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.

JACK:  To hell with you lot! I hope you all get eaten!

JACK:  (unintelligible)

THEODORE:  Hello my friend!

Oh look at you, you poor dear! What have they done to you?

I’m so sorry Jack, I should have known they’d take it out on you.

THEODORE:   I was testing them last night. The real game begins now.

Soon you will be free! Isn’t it exciting? I’m excited!

You should go out tonight, have some fun! I will!
See you soon... Goodbye, friend.

FRANCESCA:  Yeah, Kellgren didn’t agree to the pact-- I think they went to Koromo...

DEMETRI:  Jack’s gone...

VITUS:  What? Again?! Do you do anything right?!

DEMETRI: ...Good question..

THEODORE:  Here I am! Where is everyone? Is it too much to ask for panic in the streets?

THEODORE: It’s almost bad for my self-esteem. What are they up to?

THEODORE:  Are they talking about me now? Ooh! I must know!

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