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(Transcript and visual captions below}

Theodore scattered his consciousness through the city. He sensed his kind and searched for them. His spiders landed to earth. Scrambling across roads, in the sewers and over rooftops. Many parts of himself were destroyed, but as long as even one remained, he would be intact before the night was over. It was easiest to find those nasty Crows, wallowing in filth and cavorting. No sense investigating them. There were others, too, strange beings and unknown lineages. Not of his interest. Tonight, he searched for the Circle alone.
       "Someone will get to face me first, but not if they're all hiding away. Who is free and unprotected?"

It was easiest to find his new friend, still sitting on the rooftop, apparently not knowing that he was a gleaming beacon of the supernatural far above the city.



       Jack quietly sat on the edge of the roof, atop the Parkland office complex. In the midst of his contemplation, he noticed an unusual sight for that time of night.

       A small bird, flying so quickly towards him he barely had time to realize what it was. The bird transformed into a familiar young man.

         Jack nodded and pushed the other vampire away gently. Theodore didn't recognize this fellow, so assumed he was another young one.
       "It's fine... I really... I'm kind of glad you didn't catch up to me. I would worry what would happen to you."
The blonde vampire shook his head,        "Please... don't emasculate me any more than has already happened tonight. Just... tell me you really didn't have anything to do with this attack."
       "Of course not!"
The other vampire nodded, "I believe you. Now you'd better get somewhere safe! It's not good to be out like this with a dangerous maniac flying around."
       "I don't think he would... um... yeah, okay."


       Downtown, a spider lit on an elegant penthouse. It crawled about the rough bricks, following the scent of that foreign Sombreta woman. She was interacting with that odd, masculine Dragomir woman. What could they be going on about?
       "Lounging around in bed? How lazy!"

       Francesca rolled out of bed leaning her head in her hand.
       "I just can't believe that he doesn't take me seriously! After all this time, I'm just another weak woman in his service? Tell me I don't come off like little Sarah? I would like to think I'm--"
       "Yesyesyesyes little dear, I'm sure you will have a chance to prove yourself."
       "Thank you Angela... By the way, do you know what ever became of Kellgren? How is Theodore roaming around without his master?"
       "I've no idea really. Kellgren has never been close to our kind. Perhaps Tomasz knows."
       "Like he's going to tell me that."
Fran suddenly looked alarmed, and sniffed the air.
       "What is it dear?" Angela looked confused as Fran stalked to the window.


  "Fucking spies."


There was that terrible son of Sombreta... milling about a grungy hotel. Theodore was about to avert his tiny spider eyes from the fiend's activities with a scantily clad woman, but realized they were only talking. Or rather, Gaston-Louis was talking...



         "I thought you said you killed them all, 'destroyed them utterly...' the woman sighed.
       "No, OBVIOUSLY the ones who were remaining after my slaughter could only look up to me and my amazing skills. I cannot believe you do not understand. Your brain is like that of a baby. Anyway... they want me to be their leader now because of my fiercesome nature and good looks, but I say NO, I am a lone wolf, I roam the night free and wild like... the lone wolf. You see?"
       "Uh huh... You know you're getting charged for this, right?"
       "I should charge you for these fantastic tales of my exploits!"
       "I'm not doing that."
       "Um... anyway, then I go to the head of the mafia, and I tell him..."
       Somewhere else in the city, he found the young Greyburns in a tacky looking pub. He of course could not enter, even in spidery form, but he could observe from the window. The two sisters were busy watching See It or be a Social Pariah Saturday .  


  "Partaking in modern comforts? How trivial and coarse is this life of the Circle vampire.
...Haha... Oh that's wacky. That fellow is so upset about that wastrel staying in his flat!"



   "Ellen, have you seen Darren?"
       "No. Why would I have?"
       "Ummm I dunno. I thought he was... where was he last?"
       "Beats me. Not with Aubrey, of course."
       "Oh how is Dad? Are you sure he should be hanging around with that Nick? I don't think he's a good influence."
       "I dunno... How am I going to stop him? He's having fun."

Suddenly-- the theme song to Space Adventures. Ellen's phone.

       "Hello?...Really? Fine with me, but I'm not getting him for you. You try and convince Aubrey to part with his new best friend in the whole world. ...Ugh, fine... I'll be there." Ellen stood with a weary expression.
       "What is it?" Helen asked.
       "Thierry wants his kid back, for who knows what reason. Why is it that none of you can keep track of your children?"
       "Oh yeah! Where is Darren?" Helen re-remembered.



       "I've really not got much challenge versus the Circle, do I?" various Theodores thought.


       Elsewhere, he smelled a young one in a seedy apartment building, but could not enter to get a glimpse. The windows were all covered with cloth and the sound was somehow muffled. Probably nothing interesting...


       "Akiko, wake up! He started moving again!" The two women ran back into the makeshift dungeon, where their captive had started squirming free of his restraints. They didn't know, but even their most powerful attacks did nothing but injure the prisoner's pride. All day and night he spent in un-invited stasis, using only the tiniest bits of his stored blood. It would take them weeks at this rate, but they continued to try.




       The fiend Greyburn was cloistered away in his rotting palace. Spiders swarmed the cathedral and the abbey, but his scent was dim and weak inside the stone structures. Who knew what awful misdeeds he was up to?  

Dragomir, also, was not to be found. Not even a scent. Obviously, he was well-prepared. His brave knight was not so obscured.

       "Okay, so we've set aside 10,000 Glenmarks for automatic weaponry. The best you can afford, but we need as many as we can get. Every agent needs a primary and secondary weapon. Have you contacted Greywolf Security? ...Oh there is? Well what's the limit then? Oh no, that's not nearly enough manpower. Forget them. I'll try to find someone else..."  


Why waste time with human soldiers? Your dawdling will cost you dearly!


Meanwhile, that dreadful Sarah was carrying on with a young lad. Scandalous!

         "But I thought they decide Jack doesn't do a bad thing..."
       "No, they just couldn't figure out what he'd done! Think about it! Even if he didn't plan it, what kind of crooked, evil guy brings the devil to his own family? We can't trust someone like that!"
       "Oh stop sighing! I'm going to perform at the Dark Tower club tonight. All those little bondage sluts loved you last time. Plenty to eat!"
       "... Oh boy."


       Farther away, in the industrial district, Inka Lepponen and her child Florence fancied themselves protected in the aquarium's warehouse.


       The two women used the spirit board, as they did some nights when they had nothing else to do. Tonight though, Inka wanted information about the strange goings-on and whither Kellgren.

       "Tell us, Friedrich! What has become of Kellgren?" Inka asked in a very high-pitched, yet echoingly loud voice.
       "N..O..." Florence read the letters as they appeared under the planchette.
       "Friedrich, don't be difficult. We've got some weird psychopath running about. Can't you tell us anything?"
       "L...EAVE...GET... OUT..." Florence read, furrowing her brows.
       "Leave? Oh that's just rude. I know last time Thierry had his fun asking you nasty questions, but we need your help!"


"Ugh, consorting with the supernatural? Awful!" thought the spider on the skylight, "Don't they know what danger the spirits could pose to them? They could infect your very mind. This is why one must be vigilant to stay only on the right side of God! "


That little Thierry was hard to track, he'd been on the move in a vehicle. He finally stopped back at the Greyburn estate.


Ellen allowed him inside. "I think you must have forgotten you'd been invited some ages ago."
As the heavy wooden door closed, the tiny spider crawled from window to window as quickly as it could, only catching glimpses and bits of conversation.
       "Are you positive you need to take him away?" Ellen asked with a smirk.
       "Why? Growing fond of him?" Thierry looked incredulous.
       "No, growing fond of having some spare time not involving wiping tears and cleaning up glitter. "
Thierry followed her through the abbey's stone halls. "Believe me, I don't really want him back either. I gotta take responsibility for that little shit though."
       "Do you have to take responsibility for him right this second?"
       "Why? Do you... oh... hmm.. heheheh... really...?"
       "I've got nothing better to do. It's been a few decades, hasn't it?"
       "It feels like just yesterday, bebe. Where to?"

The vampire's voices became too dim at this point for Theodore to track.
       "I've really no idea what they're up to..."




       "Hmm..." all of Theodore thought, "I do believe I've made my decision. Someone will see me tonight, and it may be the last time they see anything! Ooh, I like that one. I'll try to remember it. Now, to set the evening's plans into action."

       The spiders began scurrying to the same location, a nondescript office tower in the center of town.




       The spiders swarmed the coffin, climbing into the ash and reforming. Some had miles to travel, and some were right on hand. No sense wasting time, the night was dwindling and if he was to make the first move, he had to start now.
“Oh that's just disgusting...”
  The half-formed Theodore readjusted his jaw with a snap.
       “Oh sorry. I said, 'Blockhead – time for fun!'”
       “....Uh huh.”



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     November 30, 2011
     By:  Kelly

UGH so late, I do apologize. I thought it would be fun to do everything (but the color) by hand, and this is what it gets me. (And you.) So sorry! Well.. Crazy action is coming soon... you guys don't even know, something that is the major plotpoint of the Kingfisher! I hope you all flip out. :D

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.


THEODORE (SPIDER):  This is fun. I wonder if he would let me do this later. What? No! Oh dear, don’t cry! Poor thing. I’m getting emotional. If I had had tear ducts, I would join you!


VITUS:  Jack! Oh god, please forgive me... I’m so sorry, I couldn’t do anything.

THEODORE (SPIDER):  Hugs... yes, I will hug him next time.


THEODORE (SPIDER):   What a cad.

GASTON-LOUIS:  ...So then they asked me to become the leader, but I say NO!


TELEVISION:  Not your cousin Billy!

Sorry Steve, he’s got to stay for the whole week!



DIRTY HIPPIE:  WHOAA far out man

HELEN: Hm, where’s Darren gotten off to?


AKIKO:  *pant* I said, what do you know!?

DARREN: Glub glub


TELEVISION:  This week on Harlan’s next Fashion guru....

AUBREY: Nick! *gasp* So pretty!


THEODORE: GAHH booooring.


TRISTAN: Sooo, no Jack?


SARAH: NO! Don’t you even care about me?


THEODORE (SPIDER): What’s this? A board game?


INKA: Who?

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