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(Transcript and visual captions below}

       "Are you sure you're okay? I can give you some blood..." Vitus offered, but Jack shook his head, as he began opening the car door.
       "No thanks. I think I'd like more personal space from vampires for awhile. No offense."
Vitus nodded in response, rolling down his window as Jack stepped into the sudden downpour.
       "Be careful-- you look pretty messed up. Don't act like a shark even if you feel like one." Jack waved and trudged through the rain that burst from the sky like it had torn. It was hard to follow a scent in this weather, and he stalked around the apartment like a cat burglar. A simple address lookup from the number, but no apartment. Easy enough, once he followed an old woman into the front door. He walked along the halls dripping and sloshing in his ill-fitting shoes.
       It was raining, of course. Chris Beksinski stayed home tonight, even though he had been thinking about going to a concert. Organ Eruption had a charming lead singer, and a great single "Serial Kill Me", but Chris had no one to go with. He'd even gotten ready and called a few people, but no one answered. So here he was, drinking tea, listening to the rain pound against his window.

In which the rain falls hard on a humdrum town.

       "Ha I didn't um, I didn't remember telling you where I lived...?" Chris said as he fumbled around trying to make Jack some tea.
       "Yeah" Jack said, looking out the window, water still dripping down his neck.
       "So Jack, why did you come over? Not that I don't love any chance to see you."
       "...Oh... No reason really. Just wanted to... say hi."
       "Ha, yeah. Mmhmm. So... is there something you want to tell me?" Chris' voice cracked a bit as he broached the terrifying subject.
       "Why?" Jack asked, turning slowly.
       "No reason, just... in case you had a guilty conscience or something?" Chris' voice got gradually higher and faster as he spoke, until he was nearly squeaking.
       "Not really." Jack said, staring blankly.
       "Ohh..." Chris felt like he was going to be drenched in sweat before this tea was finished.
       "What are you doing tonight?" Jack asked, in that flat voice.
       "Nuthin? Did you, um, maybe want to go somewhere... public? Brightly-lit? Ha-ha?"
       "No, this is fine."
Outside the storm raged, and the lights flickered a few times.
       "Hooo yes, what a night..." Chris stammered.

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     December 4, 2011
     By:  Kelly

Haha I knew you were all wondering when those beans were going to come in to play. The answer... is WEDNESDAY! :D Btw if you missed Friday's image of St. Theodore, I will post it on the Tumblr gallery shortly. <3

             TRANSCRIPT: This is the text of the comic, for purposes such as translation and internet searches.

CHRIS:  Really? This late? Who could--

CHRIS: Jack? What are you doing here?

JACK:  It’s raining. Can I come in?

CHRIS:  Of course! Lose your coat?

JACK:   Mmhmm.

CHRIS:  Sorry I woulda cleaned up if I knew I was gonna have guests over! Ha... How’s it going? I haven’t heard from you in a while? I was kinda

JACK:  What is all this? Why would you like this? Death... Murders...

CHRIS:  The posters? Oh, it’s not really that...

CHRIS: It’s like fantasy... a killer is badass, super confident, kinda heroic. In a weird way, you know? It’s not real...

JACK:  Maybe.... killers don’t want to be that way. Maybe they don’t really want to kill, but they can’t help it... they can’t stop...

CHRIS: Urmrm..

CHRIS:  You OK? Those cuts... fall off your bike?

JACK: Hmm.

CHRIS: --Anyway, a killer is...

JACK: ...What?


THEODORE : I feel good! I’m ready... The rain will never get my spirits down!

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